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Rafael Nunez

No description

Rafael Nunez

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Rafael Nunez

Rafael Nunez
Major: Finance
I will also be double majoring with Business Management

Career Goal: Financial Analyst
Becoming a manager on that level is something I would like to promote to along my career.

Dr. Stein
Financial Management (FIN 302) assistant professor in the W.P. Carey School of Business
Received his doctorate in Economics in Stanford University
Michael Yniguez
Accounting manager at Associated Asset Management (AAM)
They assist associations in neighborhoods by providing HOA (Homeowners Association) services.
Oversees a staff of 15 accountants
Work with there clients from their assigned property and review financial statements to help make key decisions
Ms. McHale
General manager at Harkin's in Tempe Marketplace
-Oversees over 140 employees
-20 Team leaders
-15 managers
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Financial Analyst
They are in charge of recommending investment decisions to a firm, company, or investor.

Evaluate current and historical data

Study economics and business trends

Median pay: about $75,000
What he enjoys about Finance
From an economics perspective, he is able to get "a useful and interesting view into the incentives that underlie economic growth."

-In the investment aspect
stay educated about business strategy and operations
-not just on the investment aspect
Keep mathematical skills sharp
-"You need to know enough not only to apply standard tools and methods (which is difficult enough), but to understand what the problems with those tools are."
Be able to interpret concepts in multiple ways
Steps that were taken
Got a Bachelors in Business Management
Had on-the-Job training on financial statement preparation
Took additional course work
Became senior accountant
Recently moved up to being an Accounting Manager
Being able to navigate through Microsoft
Excel classes
Learn and experience as much as I can
Build Relationships
just as important as having the educational background
Employee at a Jack in the Box
Shift leader
Assistant Manager
Manager (7 years)
Senior Manager at Harkin's
-learned the industry
General Manager at Harkin's (8 years)
Keeping every employee motivated
Star awards
Root beer flow

People skills
Relate to others
Being able to make the difficult decisions
terminating employees
Some computer skills
-She learned mostly on the job
Ask Questions
Feel free to speak up
Do observations and improve by previous experience
Stay in school
A management degree will always be useful
We are constantly working in groups and can open doors for a management promotion

Experience and connections are just as important as the education aspect
Yiniquez's example
McHale's example
Future Plans
Future Plans
Continue to learn and shoot for a manager position at Harkin's during my time there
Expand my connections by getting an internship
-Shadow the Financial analyst for Harkin's
-Stay in contact with current contacts
Ask questions and always try to improve
-not just staying in one spot
Get my MBA in Finance or Business Management
Thank You
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