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The Exchange

No description

Irene Martínez

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of The Exchange

Difficulties Process Conclusion R.P. chance -> know + : Exchange
-> inside, process, work & time

Learned -> useful future studies and career

All information -> improve future Exchange

Novel: idea 2nd part Exchange -> students
Massive research, practice English Thank you For organizing Exchange -> chance improve English + personal development

Work & time

Important -> us <- teachers convinced INDEX Introduction
Process 1: Research Process
Process 2: Creation Process
What have I learned?
Best & Worst
Thank you Research Project The Exchange Process 1: Research Process Questionnaire + collect all information

Identify V.I.I.


Organize information + Write Process 2: Creation Process Best & Worst
Chance -> know + Exchange
"Let my imagination fly"
Learned things

Extract conclusions
Difficulties & problems
How complex -> R.P.
(lots of things) Aim Collect information ->
beginning to end
people's evaluation

Explain process

Create Novel

Suggest 2n part RESEARCH PROJECT Diaries & Novel: Creation 21.01.13 Irene
Fernández 6th
Form Introduction Search information -> criteria

According criteria decide how

Draft -> structure ideas

Think plot & environment

Start Problems questionnaires: lost & missing Problem interview (teacher): erased Confusion -> organization + classify information Novel: dialogues -> rewrite Diaries: different handwriting Careful -> different girl thought thought thought What have I learned? questionnaires -> different people
collect information -> questionnaires
no information -> graphs
use "prezi"
process -> Exchange
Characteristics and criteria Novel & Diary
Work & responsibility -> Easy 4, difficult 40
"Complex things should seem easy" Change academical <-> colloquial All from imagination
Few things real
Pilgrims Hatch Equestrian Club
Logo (P.H.E.C.)
Kate's shop: "Tiffany's Wardrobe"
Second part E. Research Project: 2 levels 1. Exchange process -> Research Interviews
Other information Practical Conclusion Novel Diaries 2. Mini Research Project Conclusion idea of
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