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Funding a Documentation Project

No description

Racquel Yamada

on 1 July 2015

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Transcript of Funding a Documentation Project

Funding a Documentation Project
Issues to consider
Who will fund the project?
Is your project appropriate for the granting agency?
Is it a large project or a small one?
Small projects (~$1,000-$3,000):
Large projects (~$5-150,000):
How much will it cost?
What outcomes do you expect?
Revitalization or documentation?
Documentation in support of revitalization
Grammar, dictionary, texts?
Pedagogical materials (secondary)
Preparing the Proposal
Different guidelines for different agencies
Follow guidelines CAREFULLY
Stick to page limits, but don't undersell
(if the limit is 15 pages, don't submit 3)
Get help!
Proofread! Prooread! Proofread!
(see what I did there?)
Things that tank a proposal
What do reviewers look for?
Evidence that you can do what you say you'll do
Prior funding & success
(success does not mean products, necessarily)
Do you need an academic on your team?
Maybe, maybe not.
Practice in small groups
Imagine a project that you might want to work on, but that you need funding for.
What are goals of your project?
Who will work on the project?
Why are they the best people for the job(s)?
What resources do you have?
What resources do you need?
What will your outcomes be?
Things that can be funded:
preparing & distributing surveys
consultants (language & research)
PI time
Things that cannot be funded:
travel unrelated to project goals
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