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Christmas In Japan

No description

Emma Suzuki-Jones

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Christmas In Japan

Some get trees
Some dress like Santa Claus with red cap and red coat.
Most don't set up illumination at home
Average electricity bills are really high compared to other months.
Shinto and Buddhism are the two main dominating religions in Japan.
Christmas is not a religious holiday for many who live in Japan.
2% of Japanese families are Christian, Therefore, Christmas in Japan is not quite like America.
It's really cold in Japan compared to Hawaii.
During Christmas season, many manga/mascot characters wear red clothes like Santa Claus.
Image by Tom Mooring
Christmas In Japan
The Most Wonderful Time of The Year… Unless You’re Single

Many of American Christmas songs are played.

Most of christmas songs in Japan talk about love.

”Christmas is coming this year too” is a song for KFC's advertisement.
Most people in Japan don't dance

There is a competition of Christmas dance

Seen as a democratic event
It is popular for women and children
People who don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend don't like Christmas
It is not a national holiday
If it falls on weekday, people will still go to work and school.
Music, Dance, Art, Artifacts

Strawberry shortcake
: Japan’s un
stmas cake
is an airy sponge cake with whipped cre
am and strawberries.
Christmas isn't complete without a
First strawberry shortcake was sold in 1922
Inspired by a French dessert
Fried chicken or Roast chicken:
Most people eat chicken on Christmas.
People often drink a non-alcohol beverage called "chanmerry", which tastes like champagne.
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Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence
by Ryuichi Sakamoto is the most well known christmas song.
Christmas was introduced in the 16th Ce
ntury by the Francisca
The first Christmas celebrated in Japan w
as in 1552, by a Portug
uese missionary.
ivalries between differe
nt groups of mis
Christian hunting- many Christians got
Kakure Kirishitan, or “hidden Christians,”
continued to practice
underground for more than 250 years.
Commodore Perry started Americas Great White Fleet
Christmas reappeared during the Meiji Period, from 1868 to 1912
In 1900, Japanese stores tarted "Christmas shopping season."
The “Americaness” and simplicity of the message rather than any religious associations with the holiday is what makes it appealing
“Kurisumasu ni wa

kentakkii!” (Kentucky for Christmas!)
marketing campaign in 1974.
Illuminations are beautiful in big cities.
Couples go to see illuminations
Handmade Gifts
Handmade clothes such as gloves, scarf, and sweater
Especially among couples
(girls to
Chandelier from Baccara
Made by experienced glass designers in Baccara, France
Composed of 8472 glass pieces, 250 lights
16 feet tall- World's biggest chandelier
Miyagase Christmas Tree
Tallest tree in Japan

98 ft tall

Made in 1985

Tokyo Midtown
Wonderful illumination made up of more than 30 million LED lights.
Different concept for each year
Christmas was first introduced to Japan as a religious holiday, but it's more like a festival now; Christianity was banned→changed as companies started to advertise and try to sell their products, and people started to consider Christmas as a dating day.
TV stations broadcast magic shows on Christmas
Some people practice magic

Although Christmas became official only around a hundred years ago, it rapidly grew and became part of Japanese culture because of advertisement and Japanese people's nature of favoring Western things.
Now it is a big part of winter in Japan by having particular food, encouraging people to go on dates, and making cities shiny with illuminations.
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