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The Corporate Culture at Disneyland Paris

No description

Sara Smith

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of The Corporate Culture at Disneyland Paris

The Corporate Culture at Disneyland Paris
Sara Ann Smith ~ 2076813
Disneyland Paris is an American company located in Europe.
So, what kind of Corporate Culture exists there?
In fact, the culture in Disneyland resorts officially is American.

However, there is a French influence throughout Disneyland Paris.
American corporations in general have a culture known as "Guided Missile Culture".
French corporations on the other hand have a culture known as "Eiffel Tower Culture".
Disney has six resorts with six unique cultures.
1. Anaheim, California
2. Lake Buena Vista, Florida

4. Marne-la-Vallée
6. Shanghai
(To be opened in 2015)
5. Penny's Bay, Hong Kong
3. Urayasu, Chiba
To discover aspects of the guided missile culture, it is necessary to visit the USA.
A few characteristics of the guided missile culture are:
People work in teams or project groups where improvisation plays an important role.
Getting the job done is more important than by who accomplishes it.
No hierarchy exists based on personal relationships

Project groups are temporary
Quick in reacting to change
Performance says it all
Unclear role division of each group member
Weak personal relationships
Applying previous theory, to what I have observed at Disneyland Paris, I can provide the following examples:
Clear role division for every employee
Tasks are clearly stipulated

Tasks are meticulously predefined and prescribed.
Goals of the company take priority over the employee.
People don't cope well with change
Procedures need to be formalized and specific steps must be taken.
There exists a lack of dynamism
• People are precise and meticulous, when things are not in order it can cause irritations
Project groups are temporary
French Aspect
There seems to be a clear role and task distinction for every employee.
These roles are discussed and recapped weekly during a team meeting.
American Aspect
At Disneyland Paris it is easier to approach any manager from all hierarchical levels.
This is generally not the case in French corporations due to their strong hierarchy.
French Aspect
American Aspect
It is "easy" to switch jobs internally at Disneyland Paris.
While I was talking to a few colleagues, they told me that Disneyland Paris is different from other French corporations.

Examples in my team
An employee had been working for years at an attraction and decided she wanted to do something different.

Now she is working at transport optimization.
An employee had been working for years at a Disney restaurant and decided she wanted to do something different.

Now she is working at transport optimization.
French Aspect
It is a realization that employees do not adapt easily to change.
Disney gives employees the opportunity to switch job positions when they would like to divert to a different field of work.
Our manager told the team to think about how and whether they want their desk relocated.
The fact that the procedure goes through the manager and co-employees, indicates that they are reluctant to change.
American Aspect
The dress code at Disneyland Paris is classic and professional business wear.

This counts for everyday, except on...
Friday is known as "dress-down Friday", or "casual Friday".
This is a well known corporate trait from the United States
Taking the aforementioned information it can be concluded that...
Both the American guided missile culture and the Eiffel Tower culture are very present.

According to Trompenaars, there is always one culture more present than the other.
Being skeptic about the answer, I went around and asked a few colleagues for their opinion.
Surprisingly, the majority said they found the American guided missile culture more present at Disneyland Paris.
Simply because the hierarchy is clearly less steep at Disneyland Paris than in French companies.
In French companies you go to your N+1 manager if you have any problems and he or she will hand it over to others in charge.
N+1 is a term used in France and means one echelon above your current status.
At Disneyland Paris you can contact any manager you want, instead of going through each echelon.
Thank you for your interest!
Fons Trompenaars, C. H.-T. (1997). Riding the Waves of Culture: Understanding Diversity in Global Business. In C. H.-T. Fons Trompenaars, Riding the Waves of Culture: Understanding Diversity in Global Business (pp. 194-217). New York City, New York, United States of America: Mc Graw-Hill.
Melle, J. v. (2014). Corporate Culture Class. Corporate Culture . Breda, the Netherlands: ASIS.

Employees, D. P. (2015, 03 13). (S. Smith, Interviewer) Marne-la-Vallée, France.
If we would have to place Disneyland Paris in the Corporate Cultures chart, it could be placed just above the Guided Missile Culture:
A high level of bureaucracy exists.
There are many procedures to consult and people to approach before taking decisions.
Background information
(Main enterprise)
This presentation will give information about the Corporate Culture at Disneyland Paris.
For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
It is also noticed that desks are always extremely organized.
Employees are given the right supplies to encourage precise work.
Continuing with the French corporate cultures, examples of the Eiffel tower culture will be explained in more detail.
A high level of bureaucracy exists.

Every employee knows what is expected of them and what their task is.
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