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ACC Children's Ministry

A brainstorm presentation for ACC's Children's Ministry

Mike Rauwolf

on 1 July 2011

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Transcript of ACC Children's Ministry

ACC Children's Ministry How? Goals Why? Vision Planning ACC's Ministry Goals Make DiscipleRs Follow Jesus
Changed by Jesus
Serving the Mission of Jesus "We asked our three year old granddaughter to draw our family..." "...Her picture did not include her mother." Children released from ACC as fully-equipped Disciple-Makers Applies to Every Group Every Ministry Every Family Every Individual What... About... Our... Children??? Initial Entrance Point at ACC Matthew 28:18-20 2 Timothy 2:2 Matthew 4:19 Number of Young Families / Children on the rise Outreach for families in our community, starting with our own Preschool Families in Crisis in Anacortes Abuse Neglect Divorce Peer Pressure Television Drugs
Sex By MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! Our Church Family at ACC Let's Fill Them Up With... JESUS!!! Opportunity for the people of ACC to rally together around a common goal: Our Kids A Ministry that successfully impacts our kids will have a greater impact on our community at large Fall Kickoff Publicity
Games Similar to Promoting VBS All Volunteers Wear Ministry T-Shirts Information Pamphlet / Brochure Simple / Concise
Clear statement of vision
Clear statement of Strategy In essence, what can a parent expect by investing their children in this ministry? Tool for promoting children's ministry to parents of ACC Preschoolers and others in the community. Recruit Big Church Event
Involve Food
Share the Vision
Enlist Volunteers Volunteer Training Shore Up Security Volunteers wear T-Shirts
Confirm who can be with kids
How many can be with kids
Procedures for checking in
Background Checks for all volunteers Come up with cool Ministry Name(s) Example of Previous Small Groups Leadership Model Small Group Ministry Leader Group Leader Group Leader Group Leader Group Leader Group Leader Very little interaction with leaders
No idea what's really happening in groups
No ability to encourage groups
No chance to talk about group goals, strategy, action steps, etc.
Not much time to connect with leaders
Fewer Results Success!!! ??? Example of Better Small Groups Leadership Model Small Groups Ministry Leader Coach Coach Coach Group Leader Group Leader Group Leader Group Leader Group Leader Group Leader Group Leader Group Leader Group Leader Feels Empowered Feels Loved Personal Growth Challenged to Pursue Goals via Identified Action Steps Challenged to Coach an Apprentice Experiences Success Gets Really Excited About What God is Doing Through Them Experiences More Success! Learns to raise up other leaders to be successful Try best to communicate vision, goals, desires Fill 'em with information and then turn them loose I sure hope all is going well... I wonder what's going on in that group... Are they even still meeting? Left to their own devices No way to measure or celebrate successes No one to help overcome obstacles Doesn't feel appreciated Wonders if their group is making any real or lasting contribution to the church Every leader / coach is responsible to connect with only 3-4 people on a regular basis... Opportunity for 2-way Interaction Coaches report on and discuss their own ministry roles as well as those of the leaders under them Share Successes, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Action Steps Everyone is in the loop on Communication Coaches Regularly Interact with Leaders Share goals, successes, frustrations, action steps Uphold the ministry and one another in PRAYER Recruit via personality traits and interests I'm in this ministry because I love to spend time with kids I'm in this ministry because I'm an orderly, task-oriented person I thrive in chaotic situations Chaos makes me crazy, I need order and structure I will do well interacting with kids during games, crafts, and activities I will do well by managing security, tracking who is coming in / out, planning, strategy, or other administrative tasks Serving at ACC = Apathy Church-wide Effort to Pour into Our Children Re-vamp and re-energize our Children's Ministry More focus and missional support from the pulpit and overall congregation Promote the need to invest in our coming generations See more regular interaction with kids on Sundays
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