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How and Why did Canada expand so rapidly following confederation?

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Lauren Horst

on 20 June 2011

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Transcript of How and Why did Canada expand so rapidly following confederation?

How and Why Did Canada expand so rapidly Following Confederation? Some of these things that contribute to expand canada are:
-Settler Migration -Nothwest Mountain Police
-Gold Rush -The Railway
-Treaties and settlement of the First Nations
-Comunities developing Northwest Moutain Police Settlers didn't move to the West because they thought the North West didn't have law. So in 1873 the North West Mounted Police was formed so the Settlers would feel protected, this made the Settlers asurewd and more comfortable as they entered into the North West. It was very hard to keep controlover the large land in the North West, they watched the trading post on horses, riding around the land. It was difficult at the begging, but the law was laid and the North Westwas controlled by the North West Mounted Police. Treaties and Settlement of the First Nations: Another problem that prevented Settlers to come in was the First Nations that already covered the land. With the complaints the Canadian Goverment established numbered treaties. These treaties gave the First Nations personal land for there use only , and the Settlers could have the land to live and farm on. The First nations agreed to all the treaties as they got land to fish, farm and hunt on, payment, mineral rights, and a school on reserves. The Settlers quickly poured over the land knowing all the free land was there for the taking. Although there were time spans that natives had no home, and it wasn't always fair for them but Canadas population grew when Settlers craved for a new begging. Communities developing: Many Communities were developed in the North West with the news of free land, although everyone new mainly hard work lay ahead. They took to building Canada up, clearing land to start a farm after the long and difficult journey up North. Many things brang people together like the railway, towns quickly arived near the railway. The Settlers knew that with easy transportation there, they could easily go places and trade with new arivals. The gold Rush set up small towns everywhere near the hot spots. Many other people came together for other reasons family and work. These things collected people to the North West. Settler Migration: Many Settlers migrated into the North West since there were many benifits, such as free land, farming land, tax benifits, wealth, and transportation. If settlers didn't move here than Canada never would have expanded, when Settlers joined Canada It overjoyed them, there population grew great and was much faster than reproduction. Many new cultures were introduced through the North West, and more people could pay taxes to help pay off the railway and other new things. the new Settlers convinced others how great Canada, and Canada benifited in becoming a more developed country. Gold Rush: Gold Fever the power of wealth, many craved it thousands gamble as they make the long journey to the North West near the Fraser River or Horsefly River. Its death, nothing, or wealth your only three options there was abuse on the hot hard journey, many horses or pack mules died as they traveled. This was good news for Canada many other Settlers entered Canada on the hunt and many were tierd and did not want to return home, Canada had a large Population rise after this. The Canadian PacificRailway: Many Canadians were excited when John A. Macdonald promised a railway across Canada they knew that new gifts would enter Canada like protection, neighbours, and buissness help. But the whole idea was destroyed with a nasty election scandal it was let off momentarly, shot down once again, then became real, many problems proceeded like Chinese labour, work time and some one to run the train. they worked hard trying to please the Country. When finished many heard about it out of the Country, the great news flooded America and many came knowing goods would be passed along, and it travled over the West which had open land. It was a win win situation. Canada proceeded to expand when people came across on the fast train Gold mounted police native familym migration train
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