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"The Foxman"

No description

Lily Anne Van Ye

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of "The Foxman"

Book Presentation
Created by Lily Anne Van Ye

"The Foxman"
By Gary Paulson
The main characters are Eric, his cousin Carl, and the Foxman.
The supporting characters are: Eric's other cousin Don, his Aunt Mildred and Uncle Harold, and Hans and Agile.
The other characters mentioned in this book are: Eric's mom and dad, Bonnie Anderson, and Sharon Emerson.
Eric is taken to live with his aunt, uncle, and cousins in northern Minnesota because his parents aren't making wise choices and they are mistreating him.
Turning Point
Carl and Eric go out hunting one day and travel too far and can't make it home before the nasty storm that is coming.
While looking for a place to wait out the storm, they come across a small cabin, which they had never seen before.
They decide to its their only chance, knock on the door, and are greeted by a distorted, somewhat scary face and the man quickly grabs his mask.
Though hesitant, they stay the night, eat some food, leave in the morning, and choose to not say a word about the man in the woods, who they call the Foxman.
Eric becomes "friends" with the Foxman, and they do many things together.
One day, the Foxman saves Eric's life because he was caught in a terrible storm.
While he's out, the Foxman developes a bad cough, which doesn't turn out well.
To find out what happens to the Foxman, READ THE BOOK!!!!!
Eric becomes stronger and bigger and helps his cousins "buck" all through summer and into fall.
They get help from two horses, Digger and Jim.
When winter comes, he goes out a lot with Carl to hunt and check traps.
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