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Walking on Water by Janette Turner Hospital

No description

Megan Winchester

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Walking on Water by Janette Turner Hospital

By: Janette Turner Hospital Walking on Water Theme As much as you want life to stay the same, you have to learn to let go. Setting The atmosphere surrounding the story was strained. The entire story is a face off between James and Gillian. Both want the other to give into their will leaving their relationship strained and tense along with the story. Atmosphere Walking on water takes place on Lake
Ontario, during mid - winter. It is a cold windy day. The protagonist in this story is James, and the antagonist is Gillian. James is trying to grow up and Gillian is trying to hold him back. While Gillian is not a 'bad' character, her actions are stopping her son from reaching his full potential. The Characters The main type of conflict in Walking on water is person vs person.
James vs. Gillian
Both characters desperately want the other to give up the fight to be right. James wants to live with his relatives for six weeks in California but Gillian wants him to stay home with family.
Person vs. self is the second type of conflict. James is conflicted with inner turmoil because of the death of Stuart. Even though he and Stuart didn't really know each other, James was the last person to see him alive.This plagues James with guilt because he feels he should have done more for the boy. Conflict California VS Family Plot Diagram This is a huge mountain Intro : Gillian, James, husband and daughter are introduced. They are walking across Lake Ontario as a family tradition. Readers are told of a boy who died of Hypothermia a few weeks ago Inciting incident : James is leaving to live with relatives in California for 6 weeks
Rising Action : Gillian tries to protest James leaving. The family reminisce about living on the lake. Gillian thinks that walking across the lake defines them. Climax: James tells his mother bout his fear, of being left alone without support if they die or something bad happens.
Falling action :Gillian understands why he has to go and decides that she must let him leave. Denouement : Gillian realizes that just as she walks across Lake Ontario, James " walks on water" by leaving his family. Megan W. Santana H.
Fatemah S. Michael L.
Zixin L. Metaphor - Literary devices " In places where the wind had flayed the snow into fantastic waves, they would come upon barrens of black ice, smooth as a gate." Simile - " 'My wife has a thing about ritual,' Bill would tease at parties. ' She thinks it will work like a witch doctor's charm. " Personification - " Here we four are, solitary between border posts, held by a wafer of ice between the empty sky and the unstable bowels of earth." Third Person Mode of Narration James is a depressing character. He often has moments when; the reader can see his inner personality filled with many sad thoughts. For example, "Each morning when he woke he thought; this could be it, and the end of the game." He is constantly thinking that he will drop dead at any moment. He worries that he is going to "end up alone".Having "Lived in five countries" really impacted his self-esteem and social relationships. Character Sketch Narrator is all knowing, and switches back and forth between James and Gillian's point of views
"They were anxious to keep moving, to get it over with "

"but she refused to let them treat the crossing in this grimly dutiful way. She insisted it be memorable, an occasion: enjoy yourselves! "

"She gave a shriek of shock and anger and signaled the bouncer"

" They would bask in the murmur of tribute, yet next winter would demand again: “

"She turned to look at the town they had left."

"She would have liked to join hands with her husband and children, to form a magic circle and offer incantations: "

"They drank hot chocolate and decided to go back by ferry from the dock two kilometres farther down. "
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