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Music with Figurative Language

No description

christy schwehr

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of Music with Figurative Language

By Spencer Schwehr
English, 3
11 March 2013 Figurative Language in Music Metaphor A metaphor states that one thing IS something else.

Artist: Taylor Swift
Song: "Love Story" Simile A simile is a comparison using the words "like" or "as."

Artist: Bon Jovi
Song Name: "Bad Medicine"
Lyrics: "Your love is like bad medicine"

Meaning: They are comparing her love to bad
medicine using the word "like." Idiom An idiom is an expression that's meaning is not

Artist: Lady Gaga
Song Name: "Poker Face"
Lyrics: "Can't read my, can't read my, no he
can't read my poker face"

Meaning: Her face isn't a real poker hand.
You can't read her thoughts. Onomatopoeia This type of figurative language is a sound affect.

Artist: Kesha
Song Name: "Tik Tok"
Lyrics: "Tik! Tok! on the clock, but the party
don't stop"

Meaning: Tik Tok is a sound word. Repetition When you say something or do something
over and over again.

Artist: Psy
Song name: "Oppan Gangnam Style"
Lyrics: "Op-op-op-op-oppan gangnam style"

Meaning: It says "op" several times. Lyrics: "That you were Romeo you were throwing pebbles
and my daddy said stay away from Juliet."

Meaning: They are comparing a boy to Romeo. Hyperbole Alliteration Personification A hyperbole is an exaggeration.

Artist: Owl City
Song: "Fireflies"
Lyrics: "You would not believe your eyes if
ten million fireflies lit up the
world as I fell asleep."

Meaning: Ten million fireflies is an
exaggeration. The occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.

Artist: Joni Mitchell
Song: "Big Yellow Taxi"
Lyrics: "They paved paradise and put up a
parking lot."

Meaning: Uses a word that starts with
the letter "P" four times. When you are giving a nonhuman a human quality.

Artist: Michael Jackson
Song: "Thriller"
Lyrics: "You start to freeze as horror looks
you right between the eyes."

Meaning: Horror can't look at anything. OXYMORON A phrase that is self contradictory.

Artist: Bon Jovi
Song: "Wanted Dead or Alive"
Lyrics: "Because I'm wanted (wanted) dead or alive"

Meaning: Dead and alive are contradictions.
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