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Rite of Passages

No description

Margarita Cavazos

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of Rite of Passages

Rite of Passages
What is a rite of passage?
Three Phases of a Rite of Passage
Algonquin Indian Tribe
A rite of passage is considered a ritual or ceremony signifying an event in a person's life that indicates a transition
from one stage to another, usually from adolescence to adulthood.
Not all cultures are limited to just one rite of passage.
Some cultures contain many rite of passages through out their lifetimes.
Young boys from tribe were secluded ,caged, fed wysoccan , a halllucinogen, to aid them into adulthood.
Potong Gigi
Translates to "running around", a period in which Amish adolescence increase their socialization with others more in hopes of finding a spouse.
Satere-Mawe Bullet Ant Initiation
tribal initiation includes young men wearing a glove full of bullet ants and dancing for ten minutes. Some repeat it many times.
Poy Sang Long
The Festival of the Crystal Sons is a ceremony held for Burmese boys. It is a three day long ceremony in which they imitate Buddha before giving up all material posessions
Cow Jumping of Harmar
Okipa Ceremony
A four day ceremony in which men would fast and then be suspended by skewers in mid-air. Showing that you were in pain was frowned upon.
Land Diving
Men on the island jump off a 98 foot tower with vines tied to their ankles symbolizing a transition into manhood, a harvesting ritual, and a symbolic leap of faith.
by Margarita Cavazos
During menarche, girls undergo a four day ritual that involves running to the east twice a day, sitting up straight overnight, and making a huge corncake for the entire tribe.
Navajo Kinaalda
Southwest America
Students celebrating their final spring semester go on a 17 day celebration which ends on the Norwegian National Holiday.
A coming of age rite in which young Balinese boys and girls have their teeth filed to get rid of Sad-Ripu
Mandan of North Dakota
Before a man from the tribe is allowed to marry they must jump cattle four times while naked.
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