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on 18 June 2015

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Transcript of Science


Reference Materials (PT) and measurements
Molecular biology
Chromatography and mass spectrometry
Instrumentation, software and data handling
Protein and cell biology
Characterisation / investigation
Well characterised samples are essential to laboratories for demonstrating method performance and for quality control.
We are expert at preparing homogeneous stable materials, characterising content and certifying to meet market requirements.
DNA/RNA sequence, genotype and quantity are increasingly important to most sectors of industry.
Eg: to identify crime suspects, understand crop performance and thereby improve quality and yield, advance medical research and disease diagnosis, and prove the authenticity of foods.
The majority of (bio)chemical measurements require detecting and quantifying specific molecules in complex mixtures. Chromatography enables separation of mixed components and its combination with mass spectrometry (which provides molecular weight information and 'fingerprints') represents the gold standard in analysis.
Science equips us to innovate in providing solutions to customers, but with the related challenge of delivering these as packages, and of managing the large datasets that are often derived.
Protein therapy development is growing faster than small molecules
To understand disease often needs research at the cell level
Cells could replace the use of animals in areas of new product development
Customers often come to us to provide solutions to the issues they face. These can be as diverse as seeking expert opinion on evidence from a crime scene to providing advice on manufacturing problems or in product development.
Producers forum meeting (quarterly)
Capability presentations and webinars
Secondment (Dana Hedrick - Manchester to Teddington)
Technology road map
Around 1/3 of LGC's business relates to DNA/RNA methods and reagents. We have leading experts in research and applied markets and have a powerful IP and equipment portfolio to support customer needs.
Newsletter (monthly - Rhian Gwilliam)
Young scientists identified as communication vehicle
Technology road map
Joint conference with protein group planned on bio-characterisation/ biosimilars
Technology road map
Strong linkage with IT (digital and e-commerce development)
Current practice across the organisation (statistics, experimental design)
Meetings of the group post S&S conference in May
Biosimilars meeting / creativity workshops
Technology road map
Site visit programme in planning
Database of capability being established on i-know
Establish families
Increase awareness
Health check (in relation to business)

Consistency, standardisation and coordination
External promotion (webinars, conferences, etc)
External relations (partnerships)
Mentoring of next generation of science leaders
R&D investment
New product / service development
Product line extension
Investments in catalogue extensions in Standards
Business relationships
Key customers and partners in Genomics
Standards suppliers
Process efficiency
Contract R&D
Families getting established
Firm set of goals for 14/15
R&D in organisation now understood
Mechanisms for measuring return
Project, process and knowledge management needs attention.
Other science family outcomes
Innovation and creativity
Developing our science families
We have invested heavily in state of the art instrumentation in chromatography and mass spectrometry and provide solutions to customers through our expert workforce, many of whom are renowned as leaders in their fields.
We have instrument and software design capability that has enabled the manufacture of equipment to meet market demand and expert statisticians and informatics knowledge to ensure that outputs are effectively interpreted.
We have advanced knowledge and instrumentation in measuring and characterising proteins in complex samples, and in characterising cells and carrying out cell-based assays.
Using the breadth of capability that we possess, which includes a rand of specialist equipment, our scientists are renowned for their problem solving and interpretation skills.
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