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African Migration to Brazil

No description

andre perez

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of African Migration to Brazil

For the Africans slaves there was no pull factor to migrate to Brazil! The push factor is that they were just forced to Brazil without a say because they were slaves without rights.
The migration was interregional migration cause the Africans would move from Africa to Brazil, which are two different regions.
Who's Migrating?
Men, women, girls, and boys were sent to Brazil to be slaves.
African slaves were sent to Brazil because it was a short distance which made it easier and cheaper!
Its forced migration, because Africans were captured and sent to be sold as slaves in Brazil.
There's a chain migration! Between 1600s to 1800s Africans keep being sent to Brazil. The Africans were undocumented because they were just there to work.
Brazil citizens liked that they were many african slaves coming into Brazil because, they could have more people to work for them.
The migration between Africans to Brazil is international because Africans migrated out of their country and permanently stayed in South American (Brazil).
African Migration to Brazil

Between the 1500s and 1800s, about 10 million Africans were captured and carried to the New World. Estimated that about 1.5 million died en route.
By; Andre
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