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Fletcher Henderson

No description

Ashley Starnes

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Fletcher Henderson

Fletcher Henderson
- Henderson Fletcher Orchestra
- Ordinary Jazz band, not a jazz band
- Band had "raggy" influences in it
- One of the first big bands
- In 1924 Louis Armstrong joined
- Players like Roy Eldridge, Coleman Hawkins and Benny Carter were in it
- Integrated call and response in his music
- Copenhagen, Go 'long Mule, Shanghai Shuffle, Sugar Foot Stomp, and a reworking of King Oliver's Dippermouth Blues
- Became a principal model for big jazz bands
- Henderson had a gift for discovering raw talent
- Helped give birth to the swing era
- His orchestra became the leader for all big bands

"If you consider yourself culturally literate, you'd better know your Fletcher Henderson."
-Author, Jazz Critic & NPR's Fresh Air Contributor-Kevin Whitehead
- Accomplished piano player
- Put together groups for the company and this slowly evolved into him being a band leader
- Performed at little clubs and dances
- 1924 Henderson performed in the club Alabam on Broadway and was offered a position at the Roseland Ballroom
- Joined Don Redman, a saxophonist and arranger to create a new concept for Big Bands

- Born on December 18, 1897
- Graduated with a degree in Chemistry and Mathematics at Atlanta University
- 1920 he moved to NYC to find a job as a chemist but he was black
- Demonstrator with the Pace-Handy Music Company, an early black publishing firm
- Henry Pace founded Black Swan, the first black recording company and Henderson joined
Ashley Starnes
History of Jazz 116
Professor Whittington
November 10, 2013

Fletcher Henderson
Louis Armstrong

"What Don Redman did was invent a much larger orchestra by taking a woodwind instrument, clarinet, and two brass instruments, trumpet and trombone, and just expanded that," historian Gunther Schuller says. "They wanted to make the sound bigger and fuller and richer with more colors."
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