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does the type of liquid affect how fast an ice cube mels

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Aisha Hasan

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of does the type of liquid affect how fast an ice cube mels

By:Asha Hasan
If I melted the ice cube of water then I think it would melt faster than the ice cube of vinegar because vinegar is more dense then water.
Independent & dependent variables
Independent: the type of liquid to make ice cube
Does the type of liquid in the ice cube affect how fast they melt in water?
: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_atoms_are_in_vinegar
In the packet
vinegar & water
testable questions
Dependent: how fast ice cube melts
materials and procedure
vinegar, water, ice cube maker, freezer, stopwatch, 2 glass cups
1. Pour the same amount of water & vinegar in the ice cube maker.
2. Place in the freezer at the same time and wait until ice cubes freeze through.
3. Pour 4 oz. of water in two same sized glasses.
4. Wait until both glasses of water are room temperature.
5. Take both ice cubes out at the same time
4. Put one vinegar ice cube in one glass and one water ice cube in the other glass.
5.Start timing immediately after you put the ice cubes in the water
6. Record your data
7.repeat the same steps for three(3) times
vinegars is 1.01 grams
is less denser
than vinegar
and oxygen atoms
vinegar= sodium hydrogen
oxygen atoms
research:vinegar is made of
acetic acid and
The data I collected during my experiment show that my hypothesis was incorrect. It disagreed with my hypothesis because on all of my trials the vinegar ice cube melted faster.According to my experiment my hypothesis was incorrect.
From the results of my research I learned that...First water is 1.00 grams and vinegar is 1.01 grams so vinegar is more denser than water. Second, vinegar is made of two things acetic acid and water.And finally I learned that water is made of hydrogen and oxygen. Also vinegar is made of sodium, hydrogen and oxygen so vinegar include more things than water.
The thing that worked the best is the I didn't have any difficulties freezing the water but when it comes to vinegar it take twice the time water freezes. The data that I didn't expect was vinegar melting faster than water. I was positive that water would melt faster because i discovered that vinegar is more dense and the research said the denser the substance the faster it will melt
Based on this experiment some new questions I have are...Why does it take more time for vinegar to freeze than water? Why did the ice cube of vinegar melt faster than the ice cube of water
My purpose was to determine whether water ice cubes or vinegar ice cubes would melt faster.
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