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Going Green

No description

Wesley Dotson

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Going Green

What i can do to help our earth: -Not litter (like i never did)
-Plant trees.
-Recycle. Ways my family can help: - Eat fruits and vegetables.
- Care and feed sick animals.
- Not waste trees and plants. Ways Schools/ Cities can help: -Not to kill trees.
-Fighting against pollution.
-Stop pollution. Ways i can help the earth: The litterbugs in this world should stop
Polutting our world and pick up their trash
They threw out. The way we plant trees around here is not the way to go. Plant trees everywhere. We should also recycle to
help our world go green and
more beuatiful. Ways my family can help: We need to eat more fruits
and vegetables. We also need to care for sick animals and
feed them also. Not to waste paper and trees just
because we need firewood or stuff
like that. Ways Schools/Cities can help: We should not kill trees because of oxygen. We should tell someone whio stops pollution and fight against it. We should stop pollution too, because of dying animals. This is Wesley Dotson's "Going Green" Prezi!!!
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