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Unexpectedly Mozambique

Feedback on my unexpected 5 week God-adventure in Mozambique.

Megan Bruyns

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Unexpectedly Mozambique

getting ready to GO! = ( ? ? ? to LOVE his children Friday Response from Paulo:
"Yes! We're going on Friday, come join us!" Tuesday ? ? ? At the beginning of August, I got the opportunity to go to Mozambique. I made this to share with you a little bit of that journey.... Arrive in Cape Town
after 6 months in Brazil but on arriving home discovered how Portuguese THOUGHT:
"maybe I should ask Paulo Silva
about his Mozam missions...?" [Three

days of preparing...] And then I was off again!
Flight to JHB,
bus to Maputo... 25 1 Boane 12 days.
"doing missions with Brazilians in Africa"! 5 10 15 a first-taste realisation of the dream that sprung up in my heart towards the end of Brazil... church services home
visits prayer healings liberation fellowship teachings ...& the brazilian group experienced 'Africa' with every bit of heart-breaking spirit-awakening as I had dreamed.... beauty love-pouring "I came to touch Africa ... but Africa touched ME" 20 25 30 Zimpeto +-27o kids (= much silly fun to be had!) But besides the Bocaria street ministry worship hospital weekend outreach sharing the Word at a rural
church service visitors 10 5 September by the other visitors at the base. loving and being loved sharing with, connecting with, the part you don't expect : some old enough to be your (grand!)-mother ...others young enough to encourage you Machava 12 days
(a different) IRIS Ministries Orphanage in Maputo +-70 kids smaller... quieter... but every bit as much displaying an outreach team from Pretoria Home Visits ... & seeing the heart of a pastor who walks hours a week to
love his sheep Wakanaka
Kids Jesu wakanaka ... Jesus is good!! 7 years ago, a 16 year old girl had a dream: to love and teach the children
in a nearby community Post +- 2 months and counting
waiting & preparing.... "God will have to do something CRAZY for me to renew my visa" KRUGER! His Response: an all-expenses paid day safari Big 5: check! Socks officially Renewed! Visa status: (a pastor who taught @ the school in Brazil) attended a school of ministry & learnt portuguese! Wednesday Saturday Friday?! That's in 3 days time... How will I....?? Perfect timing.
Buy tickets the same afternoon... totally insane busy crazy including re-packing those bags I'd only just unpacked The Adventure had begun! July Stop #1 Pre 10 days.
Arriving home from Brazil.
Unpacking! ...only to unexpectedly repack again what did we see and do?? distributed bibles shared
meals THROUGH his children God working! 2 weeks
IRIS Ministries Orphanage in Maputo Stop #2 the largest rubbish dump in Maputo evangelism prayer church services helping the homeless church services prayer .... under a tree! Unforgettable moment: food distribution My Comment: blessed off guess i'll be staying a lil longer then.... ...& then there was this little treat: there were many additional ministry opportunities for fun-with-kids, Stop #3 (vs 270 at the previous base) reaching out God's hands & feet the lost to find & love So what did
I do there ? ? ? (of course) played with the kids! praying for
the sick & elderly and to help them discover that church services home groups (again under a tree ... african style!) sharing with ministering with and encouraging ...that happily wasn't the group of "ooms & tannies" my mind had somehow expected! (WHY??!) No concrete plan. I had a few ideas. And a backpack stocked to prepare me ...but the in so many unexpected ways. to be God bestest thing I was traveling with was a who revealed Himself guiding the trip Back in CPT the questions "what are you doing now?" "how long are you here for?" "where are you going next?" the most definitive answer: actively waiting... enjoying Cape Town (...though at the same time also missing Brazil...) spending time with family re-connecting with friends buying things selling off things researching things preparing things I don't yet know! But if the voice in my head is to be believed,
it won't be TOO long (but then again, what is "long" when it comes to God's plans?) GO! Hmm... also don't yet know exactly.
But if my heart is to be believed,
it's somewhere in Brazil... But my God is a crazy, crazy guy. Who's been known to do some So I'm not going to get TOO bold with
declaring my plans.... All I will say is DON'T KNOW YET I though in the mean time, I have been... and also simply where? (the funniest thing is that this sign was actually above the luggage collection as I arrived back from ... Brazil! Someone's got jokes...) GO! when? I wish I got R10 for hearing: (seriously. I'd be SO rich!) = ) ! let's face it: it's not that hard! ) = ...we ended up at the dermatology ward.
And it was honestly one of the most difficult, spiritually and physically confronting hospital ministry experiences I've had: having the flesh-wasting disease staring me right in the face as I prayed...
I left feeling heavy, drained and stirred all at once (and thankful & encouraged by those who are called to the medical field). And we saw the food multiply! There were more people than bags of rice... ...yet somehow once everyone had received... there were still bags left! ...it should not have been possible.... to the elderly things. crazy, crazy for almost any eventuality. and so my 5 week went a little something like this..... Mozambican Adventure August ? ? ? So the future is as yet uncertain! *watch this space!* that the future is in good hands Eeep! that was ONE month when i first started
this Prezi craziness! the brain-spot dominating ...a few kinda strange that Afrikaans used to occupy... conversation-attempts ensued! Mango Sale! was
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