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LFDG Creative Strategy

MKTG 422- Pomegrante's Presentation

Soo Lee

on 3 August 2010

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Transcript of LFDG Creative Strategy

LFDG Creative Strategy Presented by Pomegranate Agency Abby Schmelzer
Soo Lee
Mike Pignone
Trevor Cowser
Agenda One-Page Advertisment
Two-Page Advertisment
Viral Marketing: YouTube
AdWords Campaign
Our Big Idea "This is LFDG, Experience the Difference"

Repositioning the image of landscape architecture company - The Process: from Creation to Completion

Capture the experience and lifestyle change that your target customers seek
Target Market Customers with a large disposal income
- Age group 30- 55 (over 60% of population of Utah)

Residential areas
- over 70% of residents live in a Single Family Home

Geographic Targeting
-Salt Lake City Metropolitan area Media Choice Local Magazines:

- Utah Style & Design
- Utah Valley Magazine
- Salt Lake Magazine

One Page Ads Concept: Simple/Modern design
Snap shots of the process on a story board

Message: "This is LFDG. Experience the Difference."

Media choice: Local magazines Two-Page Ads Viral Marketing: Video Google AdWords Our Big Idea
Target Market
Media Choice
Goals Concept: same front page; alternating second pages

Message: "What is LFDG? This is LFDG. Experience the Difference."

media choice: Local magazines
concept: create buzz by developing a personalized video to share

Message: share consumers' experiences and thoughts

Media choice: YouTube, Facebook, and Email Concept: target specific consumers who are searching for a solution

Message: Specific to each search

Media choice: Google search Network Budget •PUBLICATIONS: $35,910/year

•AdWords: $30,000/year

•TOTAL: $65,910 YouTube


Google Adwords

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