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Business Idea

No description

Aniqa Maisha

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Business Idea

By: Karina Ruiz, Aniqa Maisha, Kylie Rosas Business dea Anikarky Dolls Mission Statement: What a creative idea it is!! Products: Specialty The name came from the first 3 letters of Aniqa, and Karina, and the first two of letters of Kylie. Our mission is for kids to become creative and to learn how to be unique.We also want to show the unique cultures of different nationalities. In addition, kids can learn to be responsible with dolls. Customer Profile: Our store targets children of all ages, tourists, and hopefully celebrities! Customize your own doll=$75
National Dolls= $80
Celebrity Dolls= $100
Limited Edition Dolls= $120
Baby dolls= $50 clothes for dolls (varies in price)
pets for dolls (varies in price)
accessories for dolls (varies in price) Services: Shipping and Handeling= $9.99
Repairing Dolls=$20 We have a website!!
Like us facebook/ follow us on twitter You can customize your own dolls, you can get one of our national dolls, and you can buy a celebrity doll. We make our dolls for you!! Not only that, you can get clothes, shoes, accessories,pets, and even more for your doll. Location Address: 600*998 E. Grand Ace, Chicago, Illinois, 60611, United States (A store in Navy Pier) Why we chose it: Navy Pier attracts many tourists throughout the year. Since Navy Pier belongs to the city of Chicago, its large population affects its business. In addition, Chicago is the home to many wealthy people. Financials Marketing Start up costs: $2,100 to buy 3 computers if each is $700
$4,000 to pay rent for a month
$ 500 to decorate the room
($2,200 each if we divide the cost among 3 people) Inventory: dolls, clothes, shoes, accessories, pets, computers Staff: 3 people- Kylie, Karina, and Aniqa
$10 per hour
Sunday- Thursday 10:00a.m.- 8:00pm
Friday and Saturday 10:00 a.m.- 10:00p.m.
employee salary= $38,160/year is the highest we will have to spend on paying 3 workers Expenses: rent= $48,000/year
employee salary=38,160/year
buying products=$50,000/year
total= $136,760 for the year goal= to make $200,000
profit=$200,000-$136,760=$63,000. This will be used to buy more things for the next year and for the owners/employees to earn more money!!
risks= don't make more than $140,000 we are dead!!! We won't make a lot of profit. plus,8 million people come to navy pier every year( according to navy pier website) Competition: In general= barbie dolls, american girl dolls, build-a-bear workshop
In navy pier= more of build-a- bear workshop and any other doll store. Advertising: We have business cards and our location itself brings customers to us. We also have a deal with 2 stores from our class. We'll advertise them if they advertise us. Plan for Increasing Demand: advertising
customer service
special days: grand opening, "Start your month with a friend" (this event occurs the first day of every month where everything is on sale for the whole day) Slogan: Our dolls are made for you! Pricing Strategies: We will import it from factory and pay them back at the end of the year after selling our dolls. We will increase the prices of everything before having a sale.
When supply is low and the demand increases we will raise our prices.
We can give a 10% discount on anyone who spent more than $500 a day. logo What makes us unique: The blend of different types of dolls all being in the same store
celebrity dolls (designer clothes and shoes which people will love)
limited edition dolls include "holiday" dolls and sponsored dolls.
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