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Khmer Rouge killing fields.


Marco :)

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Khmer Rouge killing fields.

The Khmer Rouge
killing fields

This war started in 1975 and ended in 1979.
This war was against Communism in Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge army believed in communism and killed anyone who were educated or whoever disobeyed their orders in their own country.

Khmer Rouge killing fields.
The war was devastating, about 2 to 3 million people died and 5 to 6 million survived.

People were killed everywhere. In their homes, fields and many other places.
People who were not killed were forced to live in the country part Cambodia to become farmers and most of the population died because they didn't know how to farm and died of starvation
The Deaths
People who were killed got their pictures taken when they died and the pictures were brought to museums. The Khmer rouge brought their victim's bones and corpse in fields. About 40,000 to 60,000 monks died and only 800 to 1000 survived.
All the educated people were murdered and the results were: no hospitals, banks and no schools. You could report people for signs of education and that person would get killed.
The war was about communism and the Khmer Rouge wanted everyone to be a communist. Children were aloud to kill their parents and didn't have to listen to them. There were no more families. Families were separated over the country.
Pol Pot was the leader of the Khmer Rouge army. The main leaders where French educated Khmers and lived in the countryside and came to Phnom Penh welcomed from the city people. The city people welcomed the Khmer Rouge because they thought the Khmer Rouge will throw over the corrupt government. The Khmer Rouge's actual idea was to bring communism to Cambodia.

One of the Khmer Rouge soldiers, Hun Sen, defected to the Vietnamese side and told them the Khmer Rouge's plans.
At the present day he is prime minster of Cambodia since 1985.
Hun Sen lead the Vietnamese to attack the Khmer Rouge.
Leaders and Khmer Rouge
In war the Khmer Rouge didn't have any hospitals for the army (soldiers) so the the people who got shot or injured were left to die or suffer.

After a while in 1978 - 1979 the Vietnamese came and wiped out the rest of the Khmer Rouge. They succeeded because the Khmer Rouge didn't have a full prepared army and most of them were injured .

They used tanks and jeeps to carry their soldiers around. They used a lot of guns including AK 47, Sniper rifle and the usual hand guns. They also used Guerrilla war fare. They used the Temples of Angkor Wat for target practice.
The soldiers often died from a usual non fatal wound because it got infected and they killed all the doctors.
They told their people that the past was behind them and it was now year 1!
People were aloud to report each other and if you get reported you get killed.
The Khmer Rouge dumped their victims in fields and caves.

Hi everybody we are going
to tell you all about the Khmer Rouge war!!

Thank you for your attention!
Credits to Marco
Pol pot was known as the Hitler of Cambodia

A lot of the army where made out of teens and kids.

Many people from Cambodia where able to border jump to Vietnam or Thailand.

pol pot
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