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IPads in the Elementary Science Classroom

No description

Tim Harkins

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of IPads in the Elementary Science Classroom

IPads in the Elementary Science Classroom
Camera App
Watch Me Change
document a process.
make a slide show of a process.
show process with an imovie.
document growth and development.
videocast a science content song.
Drawing Pad
Neu. Annotate

a PDF annotation software
digital science notebooking
Explain Everything
use to assess student knowledge of a science topic.
provide students with a concept outline and images. NO other directions
Just Start
Think about how using iPads in your science class can transform student learning and your teaching.
Learn How to Be Comfortable
When dealing with technology, something will always go "wrong."

Somtimes, the "wrong" is BETTER!
Movie Maker
present scientific research as the animal or person.
Solids, Liquids and Gas Rap
Animal Research Presentation
Book Creator

use a pre-formatted book to record their observations and learning about each science unit.
able to include sounds, videos, pictures and text.
Solids, Liquids and Gas Assessment
labeled scientific pictures
Tim Harkins
West Elementary
How Can I Transform Student Learning MORE?
Drawing Pad
My Dream Planet Project
interdisciplinary, culminating project where students create their own dream planet
pre-assessment student knowledge of life cycle of the butterfly.
Tim Harkins
Grade 2
West Elementary
Andover, MA
Take a quick feed back
Link to presenation
scientific drawings
labeled, scientific diagrams
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