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Theme of "Tears Of A Tiger"

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Hunter Mángrum

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Theme of "Tears Of A Tiger"

"Life Ends Quicker Than You Think" Death is one of the worst aspects of life. Everyone worldwide goes through death. Anyone at any age can die any day before you know it. Tigers don't cry, or do they? In "Tears Of A Tiger" written by Sharon Draper shows aeviternal sadness of a best friend of Andrew (Andy) Jackson, B.J. Carson, Gerald Nickelby, and Tyrone Mills. When Robbie Washington was killed in a car accident, it had brought depression and suicidal thoughts towards Andy who was driving the car. It woke up many people at Hazelwood High and many family members that anyone at any age can die. Everybody makes mistakes, but when you make careless choices that's when you get into trouble. Parents that have been into trouble in the past as a teenager try to teach their own children from their mistakes when they get to the teenager age. Personal Option : Have you experienced death? Do you know anyone that has died at our age? Should the U.S. adjust any of the laws? Do you think the laws are a "slap on the wrist?" Use of Dialogue. Sharon Draper had used dialogue while writing "Tears Of A Tiger". From the beginning to the end she had used character dialogue. All characters in the story had a conflict with Robbie's death in the beginning. If you think about it we could of made a role play from "Tears Of A Tiger". Compare and Contrast Why did Andy take Robbie's death harder than any else that was in the car? Andy had thought that he is the reason for Robbie's death. Everyday put weight on his shoulders and suicidal thoughts in his head. Sadly, Andy had brought an end to his life with a head shot from a shotgun. Exploring Reasoning Do you think Andy deserved to end his life? Was it the right choice? The End
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