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food and agriculture

No description

Joe Phillips

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of food and agriculture

What kind of problems are related to Food and Agriculture?
Providing safe eating food
Reducing Antibiotics Overuse In Livestock
How Toxic Pesticides are Harmful
Making sustainable, healthy eating easy
Nrdc.com, Nrdc.com Nrdc.com. "What's at Risk from Industry's Full-Scale Assault on the EPA and the Clean Air Act?" <i>Clean Air Act, EPA Clean Air Act of 1970</i>. Nrdc.com, nrdc.com. Web. 18 Jan. 2016.
Have you ever thought of some of the ways that food and agriculture can be a problem? There are many problems worldwide relating to food and agriculture. The topics we will be talking about are some of the main problems that have to do with food and agriculture.
So we just showed you a couple of the many problems relating to food and agriculture around the world. We now hope that you have a better understanding of the problems regarding Food and agriculture.
What are Toxic Pesticides?
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