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My Nutrition Project

No description

Nadeen Elmo

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of My Nutrition Project

How many...
I had 154 calories during dinner. I had 3, 432 sodium. I ate 32 sugars. I had 118 carbohydrates. I only burned 154 calories doing gymnastics.
My Nutrition Project
By: Nadeen E.

How We Did It
What I thought was interesting
What I thought was interesting was when I did gymnastics for about an hour in a half and just burned only a few calories. I also thought it was cool how many substances go in our body and how much work t does take to burn it off.
Our goal was to maintain our weight in my fitness Pal. I think the important thing was to learn about nutrition and a healthy diet.
What A Healthy Diet
Looks Like
A healthy diet is fruits and vegetables. Here is what a plate should look like:

My Nutrition Project
What I can conclude in this diet project is that we can eat a lot and not even know it.
This nutrition project is very fascinating because I learned about all the foods I typically eat and how much food goes in my body and how it consumes a various amount of calories and carbs and how I can burn them off. That’s what I can conclude in this project. I had learned new things about nutrition. I also, learned about a healthy diet and meal.

I used My Fitness Pal to record our information. We only did it for a day and that was February 12th. We recorded what we ate and our activities and what we did.
Our Goal
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