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Let's learn about the moon!!!!!!

No description

Michelle Claus

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Let's learn about the moon!!!!!!

You've seen it high in the sky your whole life. Now it's time to get to know the moon. Ever wonder who was the first person on the moon?
Quick Facts
You can float on the moon. This is because the moon's gravity is one fifth of the gravity we have on Earth.
The surface is covered in craters from comets and asteroids.
The moon is hot during the day but cold at night.
The moon is currently moving away from the Earth. At a VERY slow pace.
Who was first on the moon?
Neil Armstrong was the first person to set foot on the moon.
He was on Apolo 11.
His nickname was "Buzz."
They put a United States of America flag on the moon.
Statillite pictures and proven that the flag is still there today.
Traveling to the moon
It take astronauts three days to get to the moon.
There is no air around the moon.
There is no sound on the moon.
Astronauts eat packaged dried food while in space.
They must wear their space suit to protect them from the extremem temperatures and provide them air to breath.
Let's learn about the moon!!!!!!
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