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Theatre Etiquette: Do's and Don'ts

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Shannon Lyles

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Theatre Etiquette: Do's and Don'ts

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com The Directors The Music Director
responsible for all elements of music in a musical theatre production
usually a strong keyboard player, arranger, and conductor
can you guess who our Music Director is? The Busy Bees Stage Management
stage managing is people managing
the stage management team is the backbone to ANY production. without them, the show would NOT go on Rules of Safety
1. Always wear close-toed close-heeled shoes
2. Always use the proper stage entrances or stairs
3. "Heads" does NOT mean look up
4. Walk, do not run
5. Glow tape is not unexplained magic Safety & Etiquette
(the blood thing wasn't a joke) Some quirky theatre facts Whistling is not allowed
Say "break a leg" NOT "good luck"
Respect the ghost light
And for the love of all things good and holy in this world, do NOT say the "M" word......... Theatre is its own little world
made of blood, sweat, and tears... Theatre Etiquette:
the Do's and the Don'ts It differs from the choral world in many ways:
1. Lights, Set, Cotumes,
and oh...the makeup
2. The seemingly excessive number
of "crews" and directors
3. And we dance(d) The Choreographer
responsible for major production numbers, small ensemble dancing, and featured dance solos
trained dancer within a variety of different styles
guess who? The Stage Director
responsible for envisioning blocking or staging of a production
usually the creative lead in a show
pssssst! our Stage Director and Choreographer are the same person... The Technical Director
responsible for all of the technical aspects of a production, including lighting, sound, cues, prop and costume management, etc.
they are responsible for all of the unseen chaotic busy-ness
and our Technical Director is... you don't know him yet. you'll meet him soon. The Team
the team includes set crew, run crew, lighting crew, sound crew, prop crew, costume and makeup crew
collect and organize all paperwork
call performers entrances and cues
call lighting, stage,and sound cues
manage props and costumes The Stage Manager
occupy the highest positions of student leadership in the theatre world
they are expected to be the calm in the storm, yet energetic, organized, patient, and kind
backstage, they ARE the head-honcho THESE PEOPLE DESERVE YOUR ULTIMATE RESPECT AND APPRECIATION Rules of Etiquette
1. Performers should be unfailingly courteous to ALL production personal. Crew members are colleagues and collaborators, not assistants
2. ALL personal should acknowledge the Stage Managers' calls with "Thank You"
(aka "Thank you 10")
3. Limit you socializing to appropriate times and allow for quiet time before rehearsal and performance
4. Practical jokes have no room in a performance - ever
5. Never give another performer or crew member a note - that is the directors' and stage managers' jobs
6. Deodorant is necessary, trust me... Cologne and perfume are NOT allowed 7. Be cleanly and respectful of the dressing room areas
8. No food or drink (aside from bottled water) is allow in the theatre and especially not on stage or in costume
9. Props are props, NOT TOYS!
10. Do not talk backstage during dress rehearsals or performances. Theatres are built specifically for acoustical purposes - they can hear you
11. Report problems to the appropriate authority figure If you THINK and be polite, you should be fine (and walk away with all your toes...)
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