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Culture and Society in the U.S. (1840's - 1850's)

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Haroon Nawaz

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Culture and Society in the U.S. (1840's - 1850's)

U.S. Culture and Society
in Missouri/Illinois Area(1840-1850)

What would have been the prevailing architecture of the houses and churches?
Tidewater styles were common in the architecture of houses in Southern states. The houses had wide and open porches and were constructed to handle high temperatures. Churches could use Gothic Revival or neoclassical styles in their architecture.
What types of shops and shop buildings would have been established?
Taverns became popular in the west and the south over time.
What role did steamboats play in the development of the towns?
Steamboats helped open up the west for further settlement. More people could gain assess to the frontier. Steamboats sparked agriculture activity in the west as well. Farmers could transport their crops and goods faster and cheaper then before.

Tomasz G.,

Haroon N.,
Bailey H.,

Maddy T.,

Holly F.

In the 1840's and 1850's railroads ran through the cities. This helped transporting goods easier and cheaper. It was also convenient to have major industrial cities close to railroads.
Did railroads run through cities or near them?
What was the culture/society of American towns in the Missouri/Illinois area?
The culture in Missouri/Illinois revolved around slavery. Most people in that time period were conservative Democrats.
Steamboats like the one shown here boosted the economy and helped transport people and goods. They also helped create new towns in the west.
Social Classes
There were high, middle, and low classes in Missouri during the 1840's. The high class consisted of rich plantation owners and gentry. They usually had the most power,money, and slaves. The middle class was made up of blacksmiths, millers, and artisans. They made decent money and owned a bit of land. Poor farmers, slaves, and house servants were included in the low class. They made little to no money and had miniscule political power.
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