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Creative Project Management

No description

Josh Atwal

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Creative Project Management

Creative Project Management Issue: Goal: Incorporate Creative Tools into Project Management Lack of Creativity in PMBOK Rp 12.2. Creative Roleplay can show the other perspective when planning negotiations with suppliers Planning Initiation Execution Monitoring & Control Closing Cps 10.4. Cf 9.3. Bs 9.3. Si 10.4. Rw 9.3. Si 9.4. Si 5.5. Mm 5.4. Cps 4.4. Rw 11.5. Si 11.5. Cf 11.3. Bs 12.1. Mm 11.2. Bs 11.1. Mm 12.1. Mm 9.1. Si 10.2. Cps 9.2. Cf 10.3. Mm 10.2. Mind Mapping helps create a visual representation of communications channels Si 8.1. Bs 8.1. Mm 8.1. Mind Mapping is useful to identify quality metrics with the use of free association Pm 7.2. Bs 7.1. Bs 6.1. Mm 6.1. Im 6.1. Imagination can be used to identify activities and the best practices associated with them Pm 6.3. Di 5.3. Mm 10.1. Bs 5.1. Cf 5.1. Creative flow aids in defining and documenting stakeholders’ needs and meeting project objectives Bs 4.2. Bs 4.1. Brainstorming ensures that nothing is overlooked in the project charter because all ideas are brought forward in an encouraging environment Cps 5.1. Db 11.6. DeBonos Six Thinking Hats will allow teams to view all aspects of the project when monitoring and controlling potential risks Si 8.3. Cps 7.3. Creative Problem Solving techniques can be applied to find innovative solutions to control project costs Cps 6.6. Si 4.4. Mm 4.4. Si 6.6. Si 12.3. Solve It! can help resolve issues such as delays in receiving supplies, or receiving incomplete or incorrect orders Forced associations made through random words can help build team relationships through finding common ground
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