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A Teacher

No description

Curtin AHEAD

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of A Teacher

Related Jobs

Expected Earnings
Prepare daily lessons and long term teaching programs with guidance from the curriculum
Teach using a variety of methods
Use technology to assist lesson prep, teaching, reporting and evaluation
Carry out administrative duties
Maintain good working habits and discipline in classroom
Attend staff meetings, conferences and professional developments
Work with other staff to revise schools' policies.
Usually to enter into the degree courses required for Secondary Education you need to gain your WACE at Stages 2 and 3 with prerequisites dependent on each university

To become a teacher you need the following qualifications:
A Bachelor of Secondary Education majoring in an area of study eg. art and a minor in another area eg. English
Any other Bachelor degree or higher AND a Graduate Diploma in Secondary education as a minimum
You also need to:
Become registered through the Teachers Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA)
Have a valid Working With Children Check
Have a National Police Clearance
Personal Requirements
Special Education teacher
Other Jobs
Secondary Teacher
The Professional Life of a
A teacher is responsible for the preparation, planning, delivery and reflection of lessons in one or more subjects areas.
Personal requirements:

Enjoy working with teenagers
Patient when dealing with students of differing abilities and cultures
Acceptance of the rights and needs of all individuals
Prepared to work outside of school hours
How much can you expect to earn?
Depending on your qualifications as a graduate teacher the starting salary is $63118* per year.
$1213.00* per week approximately
* salary as of December 2013
Head of Department

Deputy Principal

What are some tasks you perform?
Personal requirements:
Personal requirements:
Enthusiasm for chosen subject area and teaching
Excellent organisational Skills
Excellent communication skills, able to communicate concepts and instructions clearly.
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