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O Captain! My Captain! Analysis

No description

Jaelyn Dixon

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of O Captain! My Captain! Analysis

C- Connotation-

Negative connotations throughout poem
Repetition of "O Captain! my Captain" and "fallen cold and dead"
Sight and Sound Imagery
Switches between perfect and slant rhyme
Apostrophe and Synecdoche

A- Attitude-
Tone: Grieving

S- Shifts
1. A shift between the excitement of the war ending and the sadness of his captain dying and then the desperation of his captain coming back to life to see all the celebration.
2.There is a shift between the second and third stanza between the desperation and the accepting sadness at the end of the poem.

T- Title:
How the sailor calls for his captain, but now we feel the desperation and sadness of his sailor when his captain dies. The poem was actually written about the death of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War and how he didn't survive to see the end of it.

T- Theme:
Patriotism and Suffering
“O Captain! My Captain” sounds like a call to a captain of a ship or army. The “My” part of this title shows a certain degree of possession given by the person calling his or her captain.

P- Paraphrase
1st Stanza: The speaker talking about how their trip is done and victory was won. Everyone around him is cheering, until he notices that his Captain is lying dead on the ship’s deck.
2nd Stanza: The speaker is telling his Captain to wake up from his death to see all the cheering and celebration for him.
3rd Stanza: The speaker talks about how the Captain actually is dead by describing the physical aspects of his body. The speaker talks about how the victory is won and everyone is celebrating, but he continues to walk around mourning the death of his Captain.
Jaelyn Dixon
O Captain! My Captain! Analysis
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