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Yellow River Flood 1931

No description

Katherine M

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of Yellow River Flood 1931

From 1928 - 1930 a long drought occurred in Central China
Heavy Rainfall
Defrosting snow & rainfall occurred
Reactions (Locally)
Yangtze River
4 Weather stations along Yangtze River reported rain totaling over 2ft for the month
The Yangtze River drainage killed 145,000 people
Second largest river (out of the three that caused the flood)
Occurred July 1931
Yellow River
Largest river to contribute to the flood
River flooded 87,000km of land
River flows through 9 provinces

Huai River
Huai River exceeded 53 feet over the normal water level
Doesn't flow all the way out to the sea like Yangtze and Yellow do.
Panicking people tried escaping but never succeeded
Fleeing people got killed
-Inner Mongolia
This river is very vulnerable
to flooding.
Snow Storms
China began abnormal weather changes at the beginning of the Winter
Heavy snowfall for several months
Sent all rivers water levels shooting up
7 Cyclones
7 Cyclones hit
There is usually on average 2 per year
Reactions (Government)
Set up organization "Huai River Conservancy"
Built small dams along the Yangtze River
*They canceled the organization due to lack of donations
Before vs. After
Because of the environmental impact from the floods, the Chinese resulted in cannibalism
The Chinese in this time period strongly relied on the water and farm food sources
International & Global
Other Death Causes
Lots of people died from Cholera and Typhus
Cholera and Typhus
"Transmission occurs primarily by drinking water or eating food that has been contaminated by the feces (waste product) of an infected person, including one with no apparent symptoms."
Typhus is a bacterial disease spread by lice or fleas.
Wikipedia Definition
MedlinePlus Search
Other facts
34,000 Sq. Meters submerged underwater
29 Million people affected
100 Million people lived along the Yellow River
8 Million people left homeless
90% of land was destroyed and underwater
Environmental Impact

Spread domestic, industrial and sewage waste to other parts of the river and into the Bohai Sea
Killed fish and other aquatic animals
Affected "health" of water bodies
Wiki Answers
Google Search
Google Images
MedLine Plus
Encyclopedia Britannica
Armageddon Online
Yellow River Flood
Yellow River
Yangtze River
Huai River
Time Period
Internationally and globally, this flood was the worlds top natural disaster ever recorded
4.5 Ft
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