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Copy of Customer Journey Workshop

No description

Dan MacInnis

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Customer Journey Workshop

Customer Journey Workshop Identify things stuck in the oganisation or business that inhibit growth & innovation. This shows opportunities for change usually not thought of. The "Untouchables" [?] Split to 2-3 groups What are the obstacles for the change? [Speedboat] Obstacles Explain customer journey map, where customer journey mapping comes from, examples of usage, expectations from the workshop Customer Journey Intro [Campfire] Let people think of experience highlights from other companies, inspiration for approaches that are used by are not typical in banks or just KB Customer Experience Stories [Post-up] Set keywords [Individuals speak] Collect short stories How to split into teams? Business Workshop Explain intention, structure, indexes, goals Introduction Explain intention, structure, indexes, goals Goal 1: Business Needs Explain intention, structure, indexes, goals Goal 2: Preferred Scenario Big snapshot with mapped current knowledge
Discussion & explanation
Cover story - what would you be proud of?
Examples from other banks/industries Capability Map Which product? Goal: Innovation potential in the context of the customer journey Think of a real-life person, give him attributes, you'll be tracking his journey Create Persona [Empathy Map] Team work Describe purpose
Describe future use
Describe domains/areas Introduce what's "persona" for Contract, Satisfaction, "Market standard", Payment, Service, Delight, Multichannel, Customer Care, Anger..." Identify things stuck in the oganisation or business that inhibit growth & innovation Reason vs Emotion Game 1. Ice-breaker, demonstrate real effect of emotions on decision making 2. Get positive inspiration from outside through stories (wow effects, emotions...) 3. Introduce Customer Journey map, introduce scope 4. Now think of our customer, make a concrete persona... 5. What's his need, the path to it and what can go wrong? What does he think and what are his feelings? What situations does a customer encounter on his journey? Where does the journey starts and ends? What are the touchpoints with our products/services? What makes him walk away? What makes him endorse/recommend our services? Customer Journey [Post-up] Brainstorm situations On his journey, what are the bumps? How can we help him? Are there any blind spots we could cover or build a partnership with other service providers? Innovation Potential [Post-up & Customer Journey] Brainstorm Ideas [What would Apple do?] What would XYZ do? Consolidate ideas 8. What could stop us from offering the service?
Proofing of the vitality of the idea, think of overcoming the problems. 9. Sell your idea,
use the cover story,
convince investor Sell the idea to venture capitalists

[Day D] Groups presents their idea to 3 venture capitalists who decide if they invest requested amount. Groups must roughly assess costs.
[Vote with your feet] Every individual decides for the best investment by standing up to the idea presenter. Selling: Day D Touch of decision making theory for later Imagine what would make you proud if you read it in newspapers
[Cover Story] Cover Story [Ranking/Voting?] Collectively pick "the coolest" idea Fill in Cover Story 7. Pick the best service, how would it look on the front page of a famous magazine? What would make you proud of that service? 6. How could we help him?
How could we prevent bad things happen? What would Apple do? What would IKEA do? Groups Common Groups Hand-out small papers, let people sign-up with a story, collect stories, let people think of their experience while saying 1-2 examples.
Better to stand up to keep stories short and people involved.

MPA should say one of interesting stories as well to set "bar" of what is accepted. [Talk] Motivation talk Link intention to the next steps Common 1:15 Introduction 0:30 9:00 9:30 BREAK 0:45 11:00 LUNCH exchange? 0:20 11:45 0:20 13:00 1:00 13:20 1:00 14:20 BREAK 0:45 15:30 0:20 16:15 Groups Groups Groups Groups Groups THE END 0:30 16:35 DINNER [3 Feeling Words]

[Response sheet] Feedback 10. Fedback Common 0:15 17:05 [NUF Test] - to help pick the "best" idea [100$ Test] What would Amazon do? Prepare:
blank hand-out papers
introduction story OGA
story from MPA Prepare:
CJ introduction
customer journey print-out Prepare:
print-outs empathy map
post-its Split to groups Prepare:
lot of markers
colour post-its
camcorder + camera
agenda on a flipchart paper Prepare:
print-outs customer journey
post-its Needs another 30 minutes Short feedback to the group, share highlights Common Prepare:
print-outs customer journey
What Would Apple Do template If XYZ would join our business, what would they do? What sort of solutions would their culture inspire? sustainable, green, family friendly, social, economic... aggressive, market changing, innovative, top products... Other options: Google, AirBank Really tough, people will be tired, how to reenergize??? 1:15 Introduction 0:30 10:00 10:30 BREAK 0:45 12:00 LUNCH 0:20 14:00 0:20 14:20 1:00 14:40 1:00 16:00 BREAK 0:45 17:00 0:20 17:45 0:30 19:00 DINNER 0:15 19:30 @Libohost @KB Notes:
This exercise helps to come up with ideas for innovation potential
It is not intended for designing a concrete product or details of it's sales Pizza for lunch?
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