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The Odyssey: Books IX, X

Books 9-10

Gavin Sweeney

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of The Odyssey: Books IX, X

The Odyssey New Coast and Poseidon's Son Book 9 Jake Davis
Gavin Sweeney Books 9-10 Book 9 Begins with Odysseus revealing his true
Identity to King Alkinoos and the Phaiakians,
and telling his story Odysseus Story begins at the
end of the Trojan War Odysseus Sends three men to investigate the new island Odysseus forces them off the Island and back into the ship, despite their desperate pleas to stay All three men eat the Lotus Flower, Making them forget their goals and longing for home The first stop on Odysseus' voyage home was the Land of the Lotus Eaters. Next, Odysseus arrives at the Land of the Kyklopes. The Men Decide to stay in cave and wait to meet the Kykopes who lives there He and his crew discover a cave on the shore of the island Polyphemous, the Kyklopes, returns to find the strangers in his home. He closes his cave with an enormous boulder, trapped Odysseus
and the others in the cave. Polyphemus then kills and eats two men per meal Odysseus' Plan Odysseus gives Polyphemus wine as an
offering, Polyphemus drinks it, leaving
him intoxicated. When he falls asleep,
Odysseus and his men drive the spike
into his eye, blinding him. The Next day, Odysseus and his crew sneak out of
the cave by tying themselves to the Polyphemus'
sheep as they left the cave. The Grace of the Witch Book 10 Odysseus picks up his story as he makes landfall on Aiolia Island Aiolos, the wind king, gives Odysseus a bag of wind that he will use to power the rest of his voyage home Odysseus crews' jealousy and curiosity drive them to open the bag of wind, releasing all the wind and creating a storm that threw them off line The storm winds delayed Odysseus, who made his next land fall of Aiaia Island, home of Kirke Odysseus sends half of his men under Eurylokhos, his second in command, to explore the mainland for any inhabitants The other half stay with Odysseus on the ship Odysseus sails away from the Land of the Kyklopes, after losing
four men and stealing the Polyphemus' cattle for food The men discover Kirke in her home, they are greeted with warm welcome and hospitality. Eurylokhos, however, stays in the woods to observe Kirke and watches his men get turned into swine. Odyssues is then visited by Hermes, who gives him the magic plant that is used to break Kirke's spell, and save Odysseus'crew. Character List Book 9 Those who eat the Lotus Flower, and do not care about anything else Lotus Eaters The Kyklopes who traps, kill, and eats Odysseus men Polyphemus Book 10 The Wind King who give Odysseus the bag of wind Aiolos The goddess who turns half of Odysseus' men into swine, but then allows them to stay in her mansion for one year Kirke Odyssues' Number Two, Second in Command Eurylokhos Dies after falling off of Kirke's roof Elpenor Kirke allows Odysseus and his crew to stay at her mansion for a year, granting them food, rest and comfort
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