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Getting the Best of Staff Health and Wellness

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Stephen Arkells

on 11 January 2014

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Transcript of Getting the Best of Staff Health and Wellness

Student, Staff, Self:
Getting the
Best of

Staff Health and Wellness

Lets test what you have learned and win some prizes!
SHaW Committee
Group Work
In your already created groups brainstorm event ideas for the individual scenario to be given to you.


Identify student staff and self stresses
Group with the most events wins!
All ideas are being recorded and will be emailed out upon request
Stephen Arkell
Barriers in Student Leadership
What do you feel is the largest stress impact on you?
Who are we?
Staff Health and Wellness Committee is Brock University's approach to confronting staff burnout proactively using programs and events.

This group meets weekly to discuss and plan future events
How do we do it?
SHaW committee purpose is to "Program for the programmer" to provide for staff members events and opportunities for interaction on a regular basis that provides positive outcomes that will impact the student, staff and self sector of each staff members life though programs
The 3 "S" of Residence Life
At Brock University we classify our stresses into 3 different "S" categories
2013- Present Brock University
Recreation and Leisure Studies
Residence Don

2010 - Present YMCA of Niagara
Day Camp Supervisor

2011-2013 Niagara College
Recreation and Leisure Services
Full Time Residence Advisor
Customer Service Representative

This covers anything academic related. (Tests, Exams, Papers and that one class that everyone hates)

All work related responsibilities (Students and Co-Workers (Professionally)

Any left over personal stresses, Family, Friends, other jobs and relationships
When I say go......

Get into a group of the number of people I call out

You may not be in a group with a member of your delegation

When in your final group you will pick a team spirit animal

What do we do?
SHaW Committee plans and impediments many events. Each member of the committee weekly focus individually or in groups on there own event

There is also in our format one large scale all committee planned event each month

The Committee each year chooses the way it would like facilitate events and the frequency of them
Needs Assessments
Needs assessments (NAs) are conducted to identify gaps that led to the development of programs and the improvement of services. They are usually done before starting a new endeavour as a critical step for planning and program implementation.
(Hung 2013)
In Action
Tips for creating a needs assessment

Use SMART questions

Specific - Is the question focusing on what I want to ask?

Measurable - Can what I am asking be measured?

Attainable - Are the answers within reach of what can happen?

Realistic - Do I have the resources to give the final product?

Timely - Is my question focusing on the time period I am looking to facilitate these events in?

So what is it?
A needs assessment is a tool created with the purpose of gathering information pertaining to a particular cause.

A need assessment can be done in a Verbal or Writing fashion and both formally and informally

In our case today it is a physical document attempting to gather the wants and desires of staff members in regards to programming

SHaWtie World Records
Hump Day massages and Smoothies
Football Pool
Hipster Study Session
Movie Night


Halloween Haunted House
Self Defense
Exam Kits

Goals for Today
How can we start SHaW at our institutions?

Formal Approach
Talk to a coordinator about starting something
Pros : Budget money $!
Cons: Heavy contentment required

Find like minded staff members
Pros: Common interest allows event to be planed quickly
Cons: Dedication issues can arise

Grass Roots
Just go ahead a run your first event
Pros: Easy to plan and lead
Cons: Can appear to be a one off event

Share with the group

What was your scenario

What was your connection to the 3 "S"

What were your top 3 group events?

The dictionary defines the verb "burn-out" as
“to fail, wear out, or become exhausted by making
excessive demands on energy, strength, or
resources." And that is exactly what happens
when a staff member in an alternative institution
"burns out" for whatever reasons, and becomes
inoperative for all intents and purposes.
-H. Freudenberger 1975
My goals for today's presentation is to teach/give individuals present:

The ability to recognize staff burnout/ prevent it proactively.

The skills to conduct a needs assessment.

Knowledge of how to program for the programmer.

Programming ideas from brainstorming with others

Tools to establish their own Staff Health and Wellness (SHaW) committee or club.

A good choice for a conference session
Today's Session
Time Limit



Burnout has been described over the years as as:

"state of mental and physical exhaustion caused by one's professional life"
-H. Freudenberger 1975

"a general wearing out or alienation from the pressures of work"
-S.Tracy 2000

First identified in the 1970's

Name coined by Dr H. Freudenberger based on either:
-1960 Book "A Burnout Case" (Lead Character has burnout)
-Emotional state of illegal drug users in previous research

Freudenberger came up with a 12 phrase model of burnout

Dr C.Maslach and Dr S. Jackson created an inventory of burnout in the 1981 's intitled the MBI -Maslach burnout inventory
-3 concept look examining: exhaustion, cynicism, and inefficacy
Burnout syndrome does not fall into a disease category in the internationally established diagnostic manuals such as ICD-10 and DSM IV (Nil 2010 )
- Burnout also does not fall into the DSM V

Burnout instead can be associated with other classified disorders such as depression

Burnout In the ICD-10 carries a Z-Diagnosis meaning is its only used in conjunction with other diagnosis to provide explanation and to provide context for the other diagnosis

Problems related to:
life-management difficulty

In Sweden Burnout has been a Diagnosis since 1997
There are no official causes of burnout due to its lack of classification. This however does not stop scholars alike form speculating what can cause the burnout process. The burnout process may be reenforced by:

• High work load and complexity (Leiter 2009, Ten Brummelhuis 2011)
• Time pressure (Kaschka, 2011)
• Job uncertainty (Msaouel, 2010)
• Work conflicts, problems of leadership and collaboration (Kaschka,2011)
• Bullying (Kaschka, 2011)
• Lack of control (Cerimele, 2011)
• Demands for and/or lack of flexibility (Weber and Jaekel-Reinhard 2000)
• Lack of autonomy (Nahrgang, 2011)
• Reduced job resources (Ten Brummelhuis, 2011)
• Poor teamwork (Kaschka, 2011)
• A disorganized work environment (Cerimele 2011)
• Low job satisfaction (De Oliveira, 2011)

How many of these 12 have you faced in your time in Residence life?

There are a great many symptoms of burnout
mentioned in the literature. Einsiedel and Tully (1981) list 84 burnout symptoms (with some overlap), collated from several sources, Depending on the definitions and professional burnout symptoms can be all different

According to Kahill symptoms can be grouped for convenience into five major categories:
(Kahill 1988)
Committees at Brock
At Brock University every staff member is part of a committee. These committees are focused on giving something to the residence community. They are:

So how do we know what the people want?
What can we learn?
From this simple 9 question survey tool we learned:

What demographic of staff we are dealing with
How they think the RLS Community is now
What type of event interests them
When they have free time
What they think is most important when it comes to SHaW
Any programming ideas
Are they willing to support the group
Lets test this all out
Contact info
Stephen Arkell
Don of Holmes House
Brock University | Department of Residences
905 688 5550 x7252
So what can we do about staff burnout?
What can these stresses lead too?
- Tackles environmental issues and education in residence

Dons Ball
- 31st annual formal event for students

- Informative passive programming for students

- Creates multimedia for students entertainment and education

Recognition and Leadership
- Celebrates student leadership and provides development opportunities

Dons of Activities
- Creates building / Campus wide programming for students

Dons of Academics
- Creates building / Campus wide academically charged programming for students

Staff Health and Wellness (SHaW)

Burnout is around us!

Identifying and Understanding

Fight it by Program for the programmer

Reduce in Burnout and an advancement in fun!

Why not take care of ourselves and those around us?
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