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This Prezi Presentation is designed to be used an educational setting to introduce Keyboarding; including proper posture, proper hand position, correct keystroking, and key memorization.

Sarah Chenoweth

on 6 February 2012

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Transcript of Keyboarding

Keyboarding Body Posture spine straight against back of chair leaning slightly forward from the waist centered in front of keyboard (directly in front of “J” key) sitting a comfortable distance from keyboard feet on the floor (if possible), slightly apart for body balance Hand Position arms relaxed elbows close to body forearms nearly parallel with slope of keyboard fingers curved, tips of fingers resting lightly on keys hands close enough together to “lock” thumbs fingers upright–not leaning toward little fingers hands and wrists “quiet”, almost motionless wrists low, but palms of hands not resting on the keyboard Correct Keystroking beginning and ending all keystrokes at home row position keying each key with the correct finger keying the space bar with the thumb of the right hand shifting with the appropriate “little” finger using the “little” finger of the right hand for the enter or return key The Keyboard To help you remember keys on the key board ..... ... Think of your cell phone ... ... Now think of the keyboard on your cell phone ... ... Now think of a keyboard ... Do they have similarties ? Yes, pay attention to the layout of the keys!! Conclusion We Learned about: Body Posture Hand Position Keystrokes Keyboard Layout Next Lesson we will learn about: Finger Position Finger Reachers Correct Keying Memorize Keys Locations That's All For Now! A video about good keyboarding posture ... Sources
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