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'The Boxer' by Emma Payne

No description

Christopher McSwegan

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of 'The Boxer' by Emma Payne

Annotated Poem
'The Boxer' by Emma Payne
By the end of this lesson, I will have used my knowledge of imagery to annotate my copy of 'The Boxer' by Emma Payne.
Learning Intention
great iron figure
Scabs like flowers
on his knees,
And his
chest is like a mountain,
And his
legs are thick as trees.
Stanza One
He spits blood like a cherub
In a fountain spouting foam,
Stanza Two
roken-knuckled, shiny-eyed,
ruised and wet
Stanza Three
Metaphor: It would require great strength to dent or bend iron which is a strong metal. It is obvious that the boxer is very strong.
Simile: This is the first hint of injury. Scabs are insignificant and the comparison to flowers makes us think that they are bright red badges of his courage and dedication.
Simile: Mountains are tall, fixed in one place and cover many miles of ground. This comparison tells us that the boxer's chest is broad and muscular.
Simile: Furthers our impression that the boxer is strong by suggesting that his legs are thick with muscle. It is clear he is well-prepared for his fight.
1. Highlight these two lines on your poem
2. Write down the type of imagery which has been used.
3. What does this tell us about the amount of blood the boxer is spitting?
4. What is the effect of comparing the boxer to a winged angelic being?
1. Name the technique used in these lines.
2. Why do you think Payne draws our attention to these words?
droplets like cold rubies
1. Name the type of imagery used in this line.
2. Copy: Rubies are small, hard and valuable gemstones. This draws further attention to the injuries sustained by the boxer. His injuries seem to have dried up which suggests he has already lost the fight.
Stanza Four
And dreads the jeers which soon will fall
Like blows upon his head.
1. Name the technique used in these lines.
2. How are the crowd responding to the boxer's defeat?
3. How does this make the boxer feel?
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