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should schools have swimming pools!!!

No description

tyler lloyd

on 29 July 2015

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Transcript of should schools have swimming pools!!!

it is vital that all schools should have swimming pools because on a hot day people could have a swim.
reason 2!!!
if a cat is chasing you and you do not like it you could jump in the water because cats are afraid of water.=)
reason 3!!!!
the 2nd last reason is that if your class is doing sport you could walk down a few hallways and you are at a pool.fact, 3 out of 5 kids leaving big school dont know how to swim. We could teach these kids how to swim if we had a pool.
reason 4!!!!!
last but not least if it is school carnival day you would not have to pay to take the bus. =)
reason 1!!!
here is a reason why our school should have swimming pools, because if your body gets to dry and you need it to get to get it wet you could dip in the pool.
should schools have swimming pools!!!
in conclusion this is why I strongly believe that it is vital that all schools should have swimming pools

thanks for listening 2/3B
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