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Behavior Management Through Differentiation

No description

Daryl Evans

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Behavior Management Through Differentiation

Behavior Management Through Differentiation Presented by: Daryl Evans
Essential Question
What is the number one school / classroom behavior issue that you hope to manage more effectively?

Differentiating Instruction
Differentiated instruction is a process through which teachers enhance learning by matching student characteristics to instruction and assessment.

Differentiated instruction allows all students to access the same classroom curriculum by providing entry points, learning tasks, and outcomes that are tailored to the students’ needs.

Differentiating Behavior Management
Behavior management is the actions and inactions that can help enhance a person or groups behaviors. Behavior management focuses on creating proper behaviors that are acceptable, fulfilling, and productive.
Effective Strategies to Address Disruptive Behaviors
Addressing Disruptive Students
Talk to student in private
Use a calm or firm voice
Clearly explain the problem
Remain focused on the behavior
State the consequences
Identify student’s strengths
Acknowledge improvements in behavior

Based on the information provided today, teachers will be able:

To define differentiated instruction / behavioral management (evaluation)

Implement differentiated behavioral strategies by overcoming obstacles and/or identifying current practices (evaluation)

List three strategies they have used or might use in their classroom (evaluation)

Find information and additional resources (provided in handout)

Giving Effective
Say what you mean, and mean what you say
Be prepared with consequence for noncompliance
A command should not be a question
Focus on what student should do, instead of what he/she shouldn’t
Be careful with multi-step commands

Strategies for Behavioral Change
Praise student when positive behaviors are displayed
Praise student for absence of misbehavior
Consequences should be specific, immediate, and well-balanced
Be consistent

For more detailed information on teacher behavioral strategies for differentiating please see handout….

Thank You For Your Attention!!!!!
On the Sticky provided could you please state what the number one school / classroom behavior issue is that you hope to manage more effectively?
Follow Up!
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