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Talking about Student e-Portfolios

Joseph Iacono

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of e-Portfolios

Student e - Portfolios Implementation in a K-8 Environment
What is a Portfolio? A portfolio is a purposeful collection of student
work that exhibits the student's efforts,
progress, and achievements in one or more
areas. (Units) The collection must include
student participation in selecting content, the
criteria for selection, the criteria for judging
merit, and evidence of student self-reflection.
-Dr. Helen Barrett
There are 3 Common Types of e-Portfolios the working portfolio, (UNIT Portfolio)
which contains projects the student is currently
working on or has recently completed. the display portfolio, which showcases samples of the student's best work.
the assessment portfolio, which presents work demonstrating that the student has met specific learning goals and requirements.
Teacher & Student It is very important that a develops a Professional e-Portfolio as a model for the students A Teachers mastery of the Technology and tools is essential for the correct implementation of Student e–Portfolios. It is important to address the following What is the goal and Purpose of your portfolio project?
You will be creating a working (Unit) portfolio to record the steps to complete a project? What is the Duration? (Think about your Unit)
Will you be using curriculum benchmarks or standards to demonstrate learning? (Aligned to NYS Standards)
Think about a unit you currently teach in your class and reflect on the artifacts you use to measure student mastery of that unit’s objectives. What do you think makes for a good artifact? Components or Artifacts are pieces of student work that provide evidence of understanding and mastery of curriculum objectives. Evidence could come in forms such as projects, tests, essays, quizzes, homework assignments, poems, or even presentations. Google Apps for Educators
Docs Sites Storage of Artifacts e-Portfolio creation Reflection on their Unit of Study. Students must have an opportunity to Reflect on their Selected Artifacts.
Think of it as a writing Journal for Students
How often will they reflect?
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