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Peter the Great- Report Card

No description

Elqa Siddiqui

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Peter the Great- Report Card

Cooperation With Others
I Rule Russia, (and part of Finland)
Supressed power of the nobility, instead of working with them.

Allowed anyone to climb the social ladder.

Further supressed lower classes through heavy taxation, and lead many to their deaths while they were building Palaces and Churches in St. Petersburg.

Often absent for war, so he set up colleges to collect taxes, control foreign relations and economic regulations.

Did not change the goverment Russia had prior to his reign.

Reforms did not last long after his reign, and wasn't much change to begin with.
Nicole Nnadi
Allison Sullivan
Elqa Siddiqui

Copied Architecture shown in Western Europe.

Moved Russian Capital to St. Petersburg and desgined it to look like Versailles.

Interested in Shipbuilding, ideas were copied from Dutch and Swedish.

Peter the Great- Report Card
Artistic Ability and Crafts.
Here we have a piece of work from one of our earlier students, callled,"The Palace of Versailles."
And here is your childs interpretation of this. Notice how the design elements almost completly match up. He named this piece, "The Winter Palace."
Class Picture
Doesn't get along with anyone, heavily taxes his own people to fight wars and expand the Russian Empire.

Beard tax and Horse Collar tax were some of his tax methods.

Effective means to collect taxes, and could use to help westernize Russia with the funds from the taxes.
Priority Settings
Pushed for secular control of the Church to collect more revenue to wage his wars.

Put Russian Chruch under the authority of the Synod- which was headed by the laymen.

Old Believers of the Church distrusted him.
Social Skills
Able to draft many soldiers for war, up to 300,000. Anyone could now be part of the military.

Fair in all terms of military position.

Cut the beards off of the Boyars, which made their appearance less distinct, and more similar to the common man.

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