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Finding Nemo 12 Steps of a Hero's Journey

No description

whitney wilde

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Finding Nemo 12 Steps of a Hero's Journey

Ordinary World
Nemo- Nemo is ready to go to school, while Marlin is scared somethings going to happen to him and does not want to leave Nemo alone.

The Odyssey- Odysseus is King of Ithaca his homeland. And married to Penelope with his kid Telemachus.
Refusal of the call
Nemo- Marlin is afraid to go to out into the open sea after Nemo, he is afraid of the unknown.

Odyssey- Pretends to be insane. By plowing the field with salt. Greeks force his hand by having him plow his son or stop.
Nemo-Nemo gets free out of Darla's hands and is in the ocean, Dory helps him try to find his dad.Marlin comes when he hears Nemo's cry.Reunited.

Odyssey- He has overcome death, his fears and has earned his homecoming to his wife and son.
Nemo- Marlin thinks Nemo is dead and tells Dory goodbye then swims away. Dory lifts Marlin's mood by telling him that she found Nemo. While Nemo is still stuck in the fish tank.

Odyssey- He has hit setbacks through out the tests and has a new idea to disguise as a beggar and enter the palace to plan his revenge.
Nemo- Marlin returns to save Dory from the jellyfish and almost dies from a sting. On his recovery he meets Crush and sees how Crush is able to let his son go and take risks.

Odyssey-The battle of the royals and the suitors.
Finding Nemo : 12 Steps of a Hero's Journey
Call to Adventure
Nemo- go out to touch the "butt"
of the boat and is captured by the
fishing men.Marlin has to rescue him.

Odyssey- Does not want to leave his home
& family to go to Troy to fight.
Morgan Carrell & Whitney Wilde
Meeting the Mentor
Nemo-Dory is the mentor and help Marlin overcome his weakness of being afraid. Helps him believe in Nemo.

Odyssey- Athena helps both him and his son through their journey's.

Crossing the Threshold
Nemo- Marlin leaves his safe cozy
home to go into the open sea after

Odyssey-Odysseus goes into the underworld to find advice.
Tests, Allies, Enemies
Nemo- The sharks, Crush the
turtle, fish in the tank, Darla,
Pelican, and the whale.

Odyssey-the Cyclopes, Circe,
Cattle, Sirens,etc..
The Road Back
Nemo-Dory gets stuck in a fishing net
and Nemo wants to go in to get her out,
but Marlin is hesitant to let him go in cause
he is afraid to lose Nemo. But Marlin overcomes his fears and lets him save her.

Odyssey-He has to meet the challenges that came by the families of the suitors which he has killed.

Nemo-Marlin apologizes to Nemo for not
believing in him and learns to let go. He now
believes that everything will work out.

Odyssey- The marriage bed even though he is not
facing death.
Return with Elixir
Nemo- Marlin and Nemo return to the ordinary
world and applies what they have learned to their
new lives.Marlin allows Nemo to go to school without fear, with lets him live a happier live.

Odyssey- He returns from the journey with the knowledge he has gained.
wants to get to
their loved ones
follows the hero's journey
return with knowledge from their journey and being with their family as their reward
trying to get
likes finding
learning the
trying to
find his son
scared of
the unknown
Finding Nemo
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