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Cycle Fitness

BMAS Stuckman Period 3

Sabrina Mahmoodi

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Cycle Fitness

Demographics of New York City
Demographics of the United States
Logo Design and Tag-line
Business Cards
Rack Cards
T-Shirt Design
Newspaper Advertisement
Marketing Strategies (Product, Price, People, Place, and Promotion)
Demographics of New York City
NYC DOT research shows that
cycling is on the rise
Demographics of the United States
Logo Design and Tagline
Clear text that reflects brand

Cycling product is clearly stated

Tagline included in logo

Reflects past, present, and future of cycling via logo and tagline
Business Cards
Rack Cards

Informative, to-the-point

Seminars featured on back for convenience

Brand clear and consistent throughout
T-Shirt Design
Athletic cut, colorful

Logo featured on the front

Font is easy to read

Both long sleeve and short sleeve options

Sponsors attracted by promotion on shirts
Cycle Fitness
By Hayley, Ashlynn, Mackenzie, and Sabrina
Revolutionizing Cycling
U.S. Census reports identify that 58% of cyclists are in their 30s or 40s, along with children 9-17
Newspaper Advertisement
Marketing Strategies: Product

9 million people take a bike ride every day

Biking is on the rise with environmentalists nationally (CO emissions low)
Marketing Strategies: Price
Marketing Strategies: People
Marketing Strategies: Place
Marketing Strategies: Promotion
Offer basic and advanced repairs

Free CO cartridges at Grand Opening

Bike fittings by appointment

Seminars on bike safety

Cycling apparel

Basic cycling accessories
Low end bicycles: 80 to 300 dollars
- Basic metal frame, stylish
Mid end bicycles: 300 to 1,000 dollars
-Aluminum frame, more durable
High end bicycles: 1,000 to 3,000
- Carbon/titanium frame, for everyday
Employees must go through a training in public relations and social interactions
Incorporated logo and tagline

Address, contact info, and website make it easier to access

Business hours are convenient and accessible

Appointments available for custom bike fittings and consultations
Logo included to create brand imaging

All contact details stated

Colorful, eye-catching

Free food, music, crafts
Company policies on employee conduct should be established
Create dress code for employees
Avenue of the Americas: Busy/Desirable location

Curb appeal: Attractive window displays

Layout: Open-concept, airy, and non-cluttered
Sight lines are more appealing in the picture on the right then the left
Advertising: Postcard, News Ad
Cycle Fitness t-shirts catch attention
Free seminars will draw in prospective customers
Will be sent across NYC
All demographic projections are statistically correct

All products are consistent with branding

Marketing strategies are accurate after extensive research
All information is easy to read and to-the-point

Promotional events will attract potential customers

Branding is consistent in relation to other products
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