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The Hero's Journey : Mean Girls

No description

Julia Deshazer

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey : Mean Girls

The Hero is a down-to-earth nice girl named Cady Heron. She comes from Africa to a new high school and it is a big change from her normal life in another continent.
The Hero
Threshold Guardians
On her first day, Cady meets Janis and Damian in her math class. They give her a tour of the school and teach her the social code of high school. They are TH because they are her first friends in high school and they ease her into the new world.
Call to Adventure
Ordinary World
Cady's ordinary world is in Africa being homeschooled by her mom and dad. Cady never gets in trouble in her normal world and is always polite to her parents.
By: Julia Deshazer &Elissa Cohen
The Hero's Journey :

Mean Girls

On her first day of school, Cady gets invited to sit at lunch with the "Plastics". This is the beginning of her journey. She begins to sit with the Plastics for the rest of the week.
The Trickster
Even though there are 3 Plastics, Regina George is the ring leader and the meanest of the meanest. Regina pretends to be nice, but is really out to get Cady.
Crossing the Threshold
Cady begins befriending the Plastics, but when Regina kisses the boy Cady likes, Janis suggests they take Regina down. This is when Cady starts to leave her old personality behind.
The Approach
As Cady starts to infiltrate the Plastics and slowly make Regina's life miserable, she begins to really become a true mean girl. Janis and Damian realize she isn't who she used to be and Cady starts gaining a bad reputation. Cady starts to become the Queen Bee in place of Regina, but the Plastics start to fall apart.
The Ordeal
When Regina discovers Cady is sabotaging her life, she fights back and starts rumors about Cady and every girl in the school. At the climax of the story, Cady and Regina start fighting while in the street when Regina gets hit by a bus. his is the most chaotic point in the journey because it tests Cady and makes her realize the person she's become.
The Reward
Cady finally realizes what she did wrong and takes responsibility for the Burn Book. She goes back to her old self and learned the valuable lesson of not changing who you are just to fit in. Girl World is at peace again.
The Mentor
Mrs. Norbury is Cady's mentor becuase she teaches her the important lessons of high school and gets her to admit to what she's done wrong. She guides her into high school and makes sure she has the right morals and actions.
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