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Copy of Dead Man's Island

No description

Yamila Torres

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Dead Man's Island

Dead Man's Island
Jake Rosso
Mrs. Rosso
Mrs. and Mr. Duncan
Mrs. and Mr. sanders
A seventeen year-old woman, who is blonde, tall and pretty. She lives with his mother after going through a variety of problems, as a result of her father's death in a plane accident.
She is the fan number one of Jake Rosso, a singer who died in a strange way.
Regarding to her personality, she is corious and she doesn't trust anybody. She is not only Kind, but also clever.
Mr. Ross
A handsome young man, who has about thirty years old and has short dark hair, a moustache and also wears glasses. He lives on an Island in Scotland as a bussinesman, but he used to be a different person. In the past, Mr. Ross was called Jake Rosso, a superstar who spent his time travelling around the world and singing – he was also Carol´s favourite singer-.
Hong Kong
Paradisiac Island
The story is located in a variety of places. First of all, it takes place in Hong Kong, China. In a second way, the main characters have to move to England: a touristic country with a lot of cultural buildings and theatres to enjoy. The last place is conformed by the beautiful landscape of Scotland (in one of its paradisiac islands)
Jonh Escott
John Escott started by writing children's books and comic scripts, but now writes and adapts books for students of all ages. He especially enjoys writing crime and mystery thrillers, and is a member of the British Crime Writers Association.
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