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Coffee with the Counselor - Grade 5


Kat Bachman

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Coffee with the Counselor - Grade 5

A Look Into the Future
Staying organized
9 class changes
Remembering what is needed each day: P.E. kit, closed toed shoes, homework, etc.
Keeping laptop in bottom locker
Checklists needed!
A new set of social rules
What happens to the soccer star and "queen bee"?
plus... Exhibition and Journey Abroad
My Almost 6th Grader
About Me
Personal Social Education
Open Discussion
Kat Bachman
Counselor for Grades 3-5
Some housekeeping items...
Help yourself to coffee and tea
The Primary Support Team
School Counselors Learning Support Teachers ESOL
Beverly Fetter
Kat Bachman
Suzi DiPietro
Annie Rosenberg
Esther Rosenfeld
Jackie Isbell
Kris Bond
Classroom lessons
Small groups - "lunch bunch"
Individual counseling
Consultation with parents, teachers, administrators and outside professionals
Please take a handout and feel free to jot down any questions or concerns that are of interest to you today.
Organization at home
Discipline at home
How much freedom do I allow my child
Balancing free time and extracurricular activities
How can I help my child be more resilient
How do I monitor my child's use of phones/internet/ipad
Talking about puberty with my child
Optimizing parent-teacher conferences
How do I handle when my child reports a problem at school

Thank you for attending!!
My Experiences
My Approach
Peer relationships
Family changes
Grief and loss
Social skills
Organizational skills
Communication skills
Work habits
Problem solving
Conflict resolution
Emotional issues
Stress management
Behavior management
Counseling Topics:
How Do We Get There?
Taking a more mature approach to...
Problem solving
Conflict resolution
Teamwork and Cooperation
Exhibition and Journey Abroad
The "growing up" talk
Respect to self and others
Celebrating our differences, empathy, peer pressure
Digital citizenship
PSE in 5th Grade
Your 5th Grader:
"How do I fit?"
More complex peer relationships
Competitive boys
Unsettling girls
Peer pressure
Juggling academics, friendships and extracurricular activities
Body image
Increased desire for independence and distance from parents
Your 5th Grader:
Suggestions for Parents
Keep your child active in sports and on a healthy diet
Minimize child's exposure to stress and violence
TV, news, internet, video games and home stressors
Talk about body changes
The reckless child
Warn about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, smoking and behaviors
The nervous child
Remind child it's okay to make mistakes and encourage new experiences
Inside the fifth grader's brain: What insights can neuroscience offer parents about the mind of a fifth grader? By Hank Pellissier
Your 5th Grader:
Suggestions for Parents
Inside the fifth grader's brain: What insights can neuroscience offer parents about the mind of a fifth grader? By Hank Pellissier
Allow for "personal space"
A quiet individual homework spot
Alone time in bedroom
Increased independence - sleepovers (Journey abroad)
Maintain control - Authoritative parenting
Compassionate and consistent
Give clarification with rules
Talk about your expectations and respect
Assign your child responsibilities at home
• PSE Library

• Counselor resources – book lists, articles, etc.

• Commonsensemedia.org - apps, books, parent resources, etc.

• Referrals to outside agencies
Resources for Parents
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