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The Great Quarterback switch

No description

noah hughes

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of The Great Quarterback switch

The Great Quarterback switch
Author- Matt Christopher
The theme of this book is when you don't succeed at first try again. Also this book shows that anything is possible.
The characters in this book are Michael and Tom. They are twin brothers. Also there is Ollie or Mr. Pruitt, he is a man that lives next door. last there is Vickie and Carol and they are best friends that both have crushes on the twin brothers.
The setting of this book is at the football field. Also it is at Mr.Pruitt's house
I would recommend this book especially to a football or player or anyone who like books about sports.
The plot of this book is about 2 twin brothers and one is paralyzed from waist down and his name is Micheal. The other twin Tom is the starting quarterback for their football team the eagles. Well they both believe if they use TEC(thought-energy control) then they will be able to switch bodys and Micheal will be able to play football. well after they go and talk to Mr.Pruitt and he decides it is possible they try it the next game the eagles have. After the eagles begin to get blown out in the first half and Tom plays a terrible game. Micheal and Tom switch and Micheal brings the eagles back to victory.
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