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The Grand Canyon

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 26 November 2015

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Transcript of The Grand Canyon

Thank You!
Where is the Grand Canyon
The Truth is...
The truth is that no-one knows how the Grand Canyon was formed not even scientists! But they have a theory on how it was formed
The Theory
All of Earth's oceans and Continents are on top of massive pieces of Earth called plates and they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle .80,000,000 years ago 2 of these plates collided at the west coast of North America. The pacific plate slid under the North American plate creating a rocky Mountain lifting up the Whole Colorado plateau which now continuously "carves" into the river
Rock Layers of the Grand Canyon
Fun facts about the Grand Canyon
- Around 900 years ago the Pueblo people in the Hopi tribe lived in the Grand Canyon
- The grand is 18 miles wide, that's large enough to fit Manhattan length wise and is as tall as 3 Empire state buildings stacked on top of each other
- Each layer of the grand canyon is a different colour even though it appears red.

How is the Grand Canyon formed
By Aldric and Cooper
The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is located in north Arizona Around the sides of the Colorado River
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