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No description

Arjun Rabadiya

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Pediatrician

Pediatrician Job Description Practitioner Nurses Most of the pediatricians in North America work in a hospital or they have their own clinic
The hours of a pediatrician may at sometimes exceed 60 hours which can be hectic for many doctors
Pediatricians salaries can vary from 56,000.00-137,000.00 but if you practice this career in America you will get 3,000.00 more
Every pediatrician provides care for young babies to early adulthood. Pediatricians are specialized in the healths of infants, children's, and teenagers Practitioner nurses have the same roles as a pediatrician:
perform tests
prescribe medication
treat common illnesses
document health history
give kids awareness about healthy-eating

In fact, nurse practitioners will increase twenty-two percent during the year of 2008-2018. This adds 581,500 more jobs into the economy. Seeing a practitioner nurse is more affordable rather than seeing a pediatrician.

In order to attain my goal which is to become a pediatrician I must obtain a Ph.D in pediatrics. The University of Liverpool, UK is a great place to achieve my Ph.D in pediatrics since it is ranked one of the top ten university for medicine in the world. By: Arjun Rabadiya 3111 Personal Management Skills Fundamental Skills Teamwork Skills Employability Skills Responsible The word "responsible" for a pediatricians means everything to them since they are working with children and an overdose on a medicine would potentially cause death to the infant. Setting goals and achieving then also come into the category of being "responsible". Pediatricians are constantly learning and developing their strengths. Communication Kids crying can be the most annoying sound on the earth, so this is why pediatricians practice their communication skills on a daily basis in order to make the kids feel comfortable where they are. Being able to read and understand information that is presented in a graph, chart or diagram is a crucial element in order to become a pediatrician. Working with Others Working with others is the main component that you need in order to become a pediatrician. Co-operating with your patients, nurses, and parents is a very important aspect of this career. Grade 11 Courses Grade 11:
University Biology
University Chemistry
University Physics
Family Studies
University English
University Math
Introduction to Business
Accounting Grade 12 Courses Grade 12:
University Biology
University Chemistry
University English
University Physics
Advanced Functions
Family Studies
Accounting Post Secondary Pathway Plan York University:
Receive a Bachelor's Degree (BSc- Bachelor's in Science) in Biology at York University(4 years)
Attend Saint-Lucia and earn a Medical degree
Complete a residency in America
Obtain a medical license in Canada
Become board certified by doing the exams
In total this will take 7 years to complete including University(5 years to get a Ph.D in Pediatrics) Entry Requirements:
Mid to high 80's in Grade 12
Major Interests- Cell Biology, Evolutionary Biology, and General Science
Have to score high marks on the MCATS(Medical College Admission Test) in order to get accepted into Medical School Transferable Skills Communication Skills
Time Management Skills
Problem-Solving Skills Presenting assignments in front of classmates strengthens your communication skills. When I become a pediatrician I will need excellent communication skills so that I can easily handle the kids that I will be examining. Working in a pressurized environment allows me to manage my time easily. Volunteering at three different places builds up my time management skills. Time management is an essential tool in a pediatricians work life since the numbers of kids are rapidly increasing which means that their are more medical and behavior problems. In order to provide the care that the kids need, pediatricians need to manage their time wisely. By volunteering, at the Canadian Blood Services it gives me transferable skills that can be handy when I become a pediatrician. The atmosphere their is very difficult but I take advantage of this opportunity and strengthen my problem-solving skills. Although, pediatricians treat common illnesses frequently, they must view each patient as a new puzzle piece since each patient reacts to illness differently. Organization Skills Pediatricians need excellent organization skills since they receive a ton of paperwork, lab results, and phone call. If pediatricians are not organized the papers will get mixed up and next thing you know, you receive a flu shot that you were not supposed to get. Good time management skills will help the pediatricians stay on task and complete each appointment on time. This is what will happen to you if you do not manage your time wisely. Expensive Who Am I? GOLD Organized
Dependable It cost about 12,500.00 per year at York University if I want to achieve my bachelors degree in Science
At Saint Lucia the tuition fee starts from 9,500.00
In total to receive my Ph.D in Pediatrics it will cost me about 200,000.00 Student Loans RESP Scholarships A loan offered to students which is used to pay off educated related expenses-Dictionary.com Registered Education savings Plan- Canadian government encourages to invest in a child's future post-secondary education-Dictionary.com Scholarships are a financial award given to a student to further their education-Dictionary.com Future Employment Prospects Between the year of 1946-1964 there was a extremely large population of babies
Most of the babies that were born are now in time for retirement(65+ years)
Many of those who grew up in the baby boomer era became Pediatricians
In the year of 2028 most of the Pediatricians will retire which means that there is more job openings for medical students who are seeking fora occupation Trends Technology On a daily basis Pediatricians use:
Lab Examination
Without the aid of technology Pediatricians would have a hard time finding out what the illness is and how to cure it. Both the human brain and technology combined is a great way to help others who need it. In the 21st century technology has had a huge impact on Pediatricians nowadays. Related Occupations Practitioner Nurse
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"Explore Careers | ISEEK." Explore Careers | ISEEK. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Oct. 2012. <http://www.iseek.org/careers/careerDetail?id=7>. Communication Skills Time-Management Skills Problem Solving Skills Organization Skills Nurse Practitioners will increase by 22% Thank You For Listening to My Presentation!!
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