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Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

No description

G00FY 101

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

''Monsters Are Due on Maple Street''
Time: Late summer 6:43 P.M.
Place:Maple Street
By: Rod Serling
Inciting Incident:

During the late summer at 6:43 P.M. a meteor flies over the block of Maple Street,and causes a power outage.

Rising Actions:
The neighborhood is wondering why the power has gone out;they thought the meteor cuased the power outage.
Pete Van Hourn goes to go check the next block which is Floral Street
Major: Tommy
Protagonist: Steve Brand
Antagonist: Figures(aliens) and Charlie
Minor:Sally,Mrs.Brand, and Mrs.Goodman
Minor:Pete Van Horn,Les
Tommy tells the neighborhood that the aliens, dont want them to leave, so that's why they turned off the power.
The women accuses Goodman, that he was a monster
The neighborhood saw a dark figure walking toward them, Charlie got a shot gun.

Charlie shoots the dark figure; they thought it was a monster. But it turns out he shot Pete Van Hourn.
Falling Actions:
The neighborhood starts attacking Charlie for killing Pete.
Charlie accused Tommy of being a monster, because he knew all about the monsters in the first place.
The neighborhood starts accusing eachother about not being normal.They started fighting.
The aliens say,"We will takeover all the Maple Streets in the world, so that the neighborhood will destroy eachother."
Point of View
Third person

Thank you for watching our prensentation

By: Alyssa Alfred
Taylor Sanchez
Will the ALIENS come to your neighborhood????????
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