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Angel's Global Project Evaluation

No description

Ángel Luis Rosales Posadas

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Angel's Global Project Evaluation

Angel's Global Project Evaluation
The URL of my ePortfolio reflection through Pinterest
My favourite task along the course has been "Video Editing Scenes", because I discovered and used
. I created this excellent video. I love it!
My favourite tool is Animoto too, because it's good to motivate to my students.
TOPIC 1: Digital Literacy & Citizenship/Safety.-

Students can learn without any risks. Parents haven't the plenty knowledge about Internet and new technologies. Education can correct this lacks. It's a good idea teaching families how to respond to this issue.

TOPIC 2: Sharing Stories through Comics.-

We can teach students different tools to use with comics. These activities are motivating, because they can create some stories in an easy way.
TOPIC 3: Video Storytelling.-
It makes children learn English quickly, because they can create their own Video Storytelling.
TOPIC 4: Collaborative Storytelling.-
We can develop our children's creativity through reading and writing. They can write and read their own stories. ICTs are great to motivate them.
TOPIC 5: Storytelling with Mobile Devices.-
A silent film can be a great tool to teach students to manage emotions through images and words. Students can explore new ways of expressing ideas and understand that verbal communication isn't the only vehicle that is available for them to communicate with the world.
A silent film
Module 1
A Welcome postcard
Module 5
Module 2
A comic
Module 3
The way towards the end
Module 4
A Global Digital Storytelling Presentation
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